Friday, July 29, 2016

Delights in the Garden

a purple lily

Today I am taking you to the garden spots in my yard. We chose this house while it was under construction over three years ago, so after the builder's obligatory landscaping package was done, the rest of the flora and fauna was up to us.

orange lilies beside the sun dial
(which is not laid out to give the correct time)

While we are by no means 'master gardeners,' we can generally produce pretty nice plants, and especially if the soil is wonderful. However, the Rocky Mountains are within throwing distance, therefore, we have a lot of rock and clay in our soil. One of our neighbors suggested we should give up trying to grow anything and use the clay soil to create pots! We amend the soil and that helps quite a bit.

one of our Shasta Daisies during a 'dead heading' exercise

On our recent road trip to the Midwest, I sighed many a time at the sight of the profuse flowers growing not only in manicured yards, but also right up next to the roadside.  The orange "ditch lilies," blue Chicory, and white Queen Ann's Lace were the most profuse. 

Junior cut our grass for us

We were gone for eleven days, so I wondered what state of beauty we would find our flowers upon our return. Junior drove down from his house up north to cut our grass; and we relied on our automatic sprinklers and drip line systems to keep things watered. 

Yes, a sprinkler system is a necessity in our dry, semi-arid climate -- or plenty of time on your hands to keep moving the hose and sprinkler yourself.

the kale after harvest (top) and
sprouted watermelon (bottom)

Thankfully, we found things to be in pretty good shape. Beloved harvested my first attempt at Kale and we had it in a green smoothie the very next morning.

The Echinacea pleasantly surprised us with her first blooms of the season...


...and oh joy!!! My pumpkins have a couple of yellow blooms! I don't like to pay for pumpkins during the fall for decorating, so this year I'm growing my own!

dill seeds, green onions, and mint (hid under the dill)

During our absence, the Dill took off and went to seed, but we're going to eat them anyway and more of the delicate fronds will grow back.

I tried a fun experiment several weeks ago. While slicing some store-bought green onions for our salad, I was getting ready to toss the root ends into the garbage when the thought struck me to stick them into a flower pot off the front porch, just to see what would happen.

More green onions -- that's what I got! They were standing straight and quite tall as we pulled into our driveway from our trip. I snipped them about an inch from the soil and will be adding them to our salads -- with hopes of a continuing crop until the weather turns too cold. How neat is that?!!

Flax seed pods
Our blue Flax is done for now, with only a blossom or two left. But the plant is covered with these seed pods, which re-seed and make the plant bigger every year.  Denise loves my blue Flax, commenting on it every time she parks her car in our driveway. 

I gathered a handful of the pods to give to her, but noticed most of them are empty of the tiny black seeds. If you look very closely,  you can see some of the black seeds in the above photograph. 

I intend to instruct her to gently crush the pods, thereby releasing the seeds and then scatter them on top of the soil where she wants them to grow, maybe lightly pressing them into the dirt and watering lightly. 

Barb tends the Begonias and Green Onions

There are more victories in our gardening, but as you can see by the clouds in the last photo, a gusty storm was blowing in, so I couldn't take any more pictures.  

I close with a familiar excerpt from a poem by Dorothy Frances Gurney:

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.


  1. Your flowers look wonderful and your lawn so healthy! My lawn looks as if it needs rain and that would be the truth...good thing some is moving in. =D

  2. Oh how I envy those who have a green thumb and know the names of plants and flowers!! Beautiful!!

  3. Oh sweet agreeance with Vee...we are in desperate need of rain...everything is brown here as we are in drought with water restrictions and it is so hot and humid. My flowers and asparagus ferns are barely keeping up with what water I do give me.

    ANYWAYS, wonderful post, thank you for the smiles. Blessings