Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Throwing Away the Manual

History repeats itself. It's human nature that we generally don't tend to learn from the past. 

The mercies of the LORD are unfathomable. He created us and therefore He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. 

I think of a car manufacturer. He designed and built the thing. He knows what kind of fuel and maintenance the car needs for optimum running. To not follow the manufacturer's handbook results in poor performance, even disaster in some cases.

This illustration applies to our Creator God and the human body.  He has clearly taught us how we are to live, relate to each other, and to Him. Deviations from His design of us results in disease, disharmony, and if we don't repent, eternal separation from Him.

When the leader of our nation comes out with such God-defying edicts, it is in-the-face defiance of God's intentions for us.  The 'manufacturer's manual' has been trashed. 

Those who support such ideas need to know they will be face-to-face with God one day. 



  1. {sigh} shaking my head...I did not see this---thanks Barbara...

  2. Our POTUS is gay. I've heard it over and over and believe we will learn the truth some day soon. You are right Barbara. We all will face our Maker one day.