Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Mind of a Goldfish

Internet photo of how I feel

The transition to retirement continues. Today we spent about an hour on the phone getting set up with the necessaries of health insurance with regard to Medicare and supplemental insurance. 

I will just say that I am not an expert on any of this and feeling overwhelmed is pretty descriptive. My eyes were rolling back in my head and I felt as inadequate as a gold fish with these matters. (okay, okay. I'm exaggerating for the sake of literary humor) 

Beloved had a better grasp of this than me. His brains plus the skill of the lady on the phone got us through the process.  It really did go smoothly although it is of necessity, a time-consuming experience. I just did my best to sound intelligent when questions were asked of me.

Fortunately for me, this is a good hair day, which helps me to handle stress a little better ... just being honest here.

With the arrival of several confirming emails from our agencies, it looks like we did it all correctly. Whew. Now to my astonishment, what we have done is starting to line up in my thoughts  and it even makes sense! Hooray!!! 

(But please, don't ask me any questions lest my bubble burst and I return to my place of uncertainty!)

* * * * *
Let's see, what else shall I write about? It needs to be something non-business-related. 

Gardening and flowers: I've got some show 'n tell.  The Lil' Philly came to lunch on Memorial Day. We fed her grilled steak and salmon and she brought roses. How did she know I love roses? (what gal doesn't?)

'the best of the bunch'

We also have some fairly recent additions in the form of potted plants here inside the house:

Jade in the dining room

A month or so ago I made an impulsive purchase at The Barn (our local antiques/craft consignment shop) that has turned out to be a winner. We have the most perfect place for Jade to thrive in the bright light of the dining room window, which faces west. She is very happy there.

On the heels of that success, I later bought a beautiful Pothos for my study.

Pathos near an east-facing window
Yes, I know this photo is a little dark, but as you can see, Grammy Bear is starring into a daze (she's probably contemplating Social Security and Medicare supplement plans). Grandad Bear is definitely snoring. I didn't want to lighten the picture lest I waken them.

As for the outdoor flora and fauna, the blue flax just off our front porch has taken off this year.  It's beauty will be enhanced even more in the next few weeks as the yellow Stella d'Oro open up their blooms right beside it.

blue flax in my front yard

Are you friends with Stella d'Oro? She's the most wonderful yellow lily, not too tall, not too short, and  blooms all summer long. A most satisfying perennial, especially if you liquor them up with Miracle Gro.  I like them so much that I gave Denise some roots for her birthday. (found them in the Walmart garden center) She seems to be thrilled about it. I hope they live up to all the bragging I've done.

the Internet version of Stella d'ora lilies

I think they only come in a couple of shades of yellow, which is fine by me. These grow so well that some schnazzy neighborhood streets grow them in their center medians. That's a pretty good recommendation, don't you think?

This segment about outdoor matters would be incomplete if I did not show off this photo...

back yard faucet

What, you may ask, is so special about this faucet? Well, I'll tell you. This comes under the heading of "no house is perfect." We had this place built 3 years ago and sometime after the closing paperwork was signed we discovered that this faucet was sort of hanging on barely by one screw. The other screw was stripped out and I won't bore you with the details, but it was an engineering mistake behind the siding that had my Beloved scratching his head with bewilderment as to how fix it.

He tried an appeal to the builder, but at the same time, he was leaning heavy on them to replace our seriously cracking 3-car driveway, so he had to pretty much drop the faucet issue and give all his attention to the more expensive repair. It's called, "choosing your battles."

Anyway, he had a brain flash recently. With my obliging help and a ball cap fitted with tiny LED lights (check Sears for that), the thing looks as it should have from Day One. Yes, I am blessed with a smartie of a husband!

We don't have anything else blooming much - yet. The Lilacs are not really showy with flowers this year, but they are still young bushes and we are just thrilled their leaves and branches are flourishing.

yellow Calla lilies at Lowe's
I close with a snapshot I took at Lowes during a recent shopping trip. I find it hard to believe that I could sustain the growth of these gorgeous blooms in my yard, so I took a quick photo with my iPhone and will be satisfied with that.

Oh my. I am now feeling so much better about all that Medicare/Social Security stuff. Blogging is one of my stress relievers. Thanks for stopping by to see what's new at The Brown Bungalow. 


  1. ah, yes...the dreaded phone calls...when my son turned 18, we lost $600 of my husbands SS income to that fact. So, yes, I am fully aware of the phone calls and emails and so on. Which is why I am working very hard on obtaining a degree so I can work my remaining 26 years as we know that SS might not be there for me or to even collect the widows benefit. Just saying...(and not meaning to scare you)

    I love the bears...they sure look happy and doe the flowers and the plant. smiles

  2. Well, I'm coming right behind you on the medicare stuff. Come August I'll have to start investigating. Joe is already on medicare and likes his supplement, so I imagine that's what I'll go with. Whew!

  3. the flowers are beautiful, love roses