Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Milestone


It's an awesome day in our household. 

After six years as an Air Force officer, 21 years in aerospace, and 17 years as a systems analyst in telecommunications and information technology, Beloved has coasted safely to being his own boss.  

Yesterday he turned in his employee badge. Today he packed  up his office computer and we took it to UPS to be sent to his employer in New York. He is now officially retired!

packing the computer

This morning we reminisced to each other about the Lord's wonderful goodness to us. In 44 years since he graduated from  college, there were only three weeks when he was not employed (not certain of a paycheck). 

The day he graduated from college, he also received his commission as a military officer. It took six years to fulfill his ROTC-induced scholarship commitment, most of that time spent in South Dakota. Then he resigned to enter aerospace, working for two major corporations that took us to Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C., Denver, Colorado Springs, Orlando, and back to Denver.

Although he saw many get their pink slips along the way, assignments for him kept coming. But eventually that dried up and he got two weeks notice of his layoff. 

However, before those two weeks were up, a former boss called to offer him contract work as long as there was budget money. That assignment took us back to Orlando for five months and then that project ran out of funds. 

As we were returning home to Colorado, a good friend from church recommended him to fill a position in telecommunications. It took three weeks for the job offer to come in and he's been busy with that up until now. All these years he has been a systems analyst with information technology for corporations, and now I have his computer savvy all to myself!

What will he do now? We have family and friends we want to see and places we want to go, but for the time being we are simply enjoying the newly-gained freedom to not be tied down to an employer. We are also giving time for all the financial and health insurance changes to implement themselves, making sure we have dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. 

Beloved wants to do more fishing and  to pursue his interest in woodworking. He's got a Bible class to teach every Sunday in July and we both do volunteer work when opportunities come along.

We marvel at the Lord's provision for us and our family over the years. The Lord's mercies are great and we do not take them for granted.

Wow. Retirement is actually here!


  1. HOORAY! Thanks to my faithful and loving wife, Barbara, for her support all during the journey!!

    Couldn't have done it without you, Babe!

  2. This was very sweet to read. And encouraging!

    I am blessed just reading about your thankful outlook on life.

  3. Congratulations to your beloved!! I'm counting down the months until I can join the ranks of the retired....March hopefully! I sure enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing all the places you decide to see now that you have the time!

  4. Oh I am grinning from one ear to the other! You will love retirement and find yourselves more busy than ever. Many blessings to you both!

  5. Congratulations to you both! My husband retired two years ago this October, and we both say that he has been busier now than when he worked full time. Every day brings happy new adventures to enjoy. Much happiness and many blessings ahead.

  6. That is awesome!!! Congratulations Tom, here are to many happy days of fishing and family. Blessings to you both.

    My husband was forced into retirement 10 years ago...I told him recently he needs a hobby, lol. He said and I quote, "Hey--getting you thru college is my hobby!"

  7. Well, I pray the Lord will bless you two with many years of enjoying this special season of life. Hubby says he will never retire but he's really 75% retired now. Our son and 3 other reps run his insurance agency, so he sees no need to fully retire. Wishing you and Tom many happy times!

  8. I suppose retirement works differently for different folks. Honey Bear is sort of retired as in he retired from his 'big' job in 2011. He then went back to school and became a caregiver which he does 3 mornings a week. His former boss started a new company and hired him as a consultant so he has that job which requires the occasional overnight or all day trip out of town. The rest: he has his garden and yard work to keep him busy.
    I don't think my life changed all that much....I am still very active and do not stay home because he is there, just make sure he has some food for when he's hungry.
    He does help out around the house more than he used to which is nice.
    Hope you enjoy your husband's retirement.
    Mama Bear