Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Unpacking the Patriotic and Summer Decor

our porch puppy welcomes you

Memorial Day is special for many reasons and is a signal for the homemaker to transform her home from winter to summer.

The Brown Bungalow on Memorial Day

Decorations outside and in...

patriotic floral pick

Here is a close-up of the above floral pick:

closeup of patriotic floral  pick

This pinwheel design could be made with colored papers, too.

Sue's Whabbit

You may remember just a couple of weeks ago when Beloved gave me a new bicycle for Mother's Day.  All of my staff and other creatures have been taking turns with it. (those whose legs don't bend have been dismally disappointed)

Raggedy Ann and Andy

On a whimsical note we have residents in this household who rightfully belong to our daughter, Surfer Girl. She lives in the land of perpetual warmth and palm trees, but some of her childhood friends have chosen to remain with us in the mountains. They are wearing their summer clothes, so they are doing their part to bring on the season.

homemade flag quilt

This little miss had to vacate her seat recently when a princess of a poodle came to visit and just assumed all chairs were hers for the enjoyment... Fortunately, her 6 pounds of cuteness warmed our hearts so that she could do anything she wanted and we didn't mind.

purchased flag from years ago

The USA flag and its many variations lends itself so very well to quilting projects.

all projects by blog author except for lower left flag pillow

I am probably safe in saying most quilters enjoy working with stars.

Cactus dish garden on the coffee table

We enjoyed dining off these melamine dishes in red-white-and-blue. 

This metal wreath from Kohl's is on our porch year-round except for Christmas. In spite of its weight, we had to wire it to an eye-screw to keep it from blowing off during the strongest of winds that tend to sweep across the porch. 

I love the reminder that we need the LORD and hope those who see this decor will be reminded as well.  

Okay. The house is ready for summer. Now I need to pull out my sandals and capri pants!


  1. I love everything you have done in your home...love Surfer Girls Raggedy Ann/Andy Couple and glad they are enjoying the mountain air, smiles. Have a beautiful week, friend.

  2. I love your wreath! Love it. Everything else is so fun and patriotic. I also really love the place-setting! God Bless America! Have a good week!

  3. I love all things patriotic! Everything looks lovely and what good use of your handwork. Nice work!