Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Speaking Out

While I would love to escape the harsh realities of the world with cheery, whimsical blog writing and leave the tough stuff to the more educated and experienced, there are times when a quiet homemaker just has to speak up for what is right. 

Many of us are consumed with our responsibilities and may be unaware or purposely ignoring current events with the assumption such matters will not affect us personally. We like to think that maybe these ugly problems will just go away if we keep our heads low and mind our own business. 

But no, that's not the way it works. I have learned that the  issues I choose to ignore are often the ones needing my diligent, dedicated prayer and personal attention. Choosing to be oblivious to the obvious leads to great heartache and even bigger problems.

I am pretty sure I am "preaching to the choir" here with those who frequent my blog. Let us all continue to be diligent to pray, vote, support those who speak out for all that is holy, and do all else we can to uphold godliness in our nation.

I feel Ted Cruz has worded it well at a time when the liberal news media chooses to ignore the real issues at stake.

”Having spent many years in law enforcement, I've handled far too many cases of child molesters, of pedophiles, of people who abused little kids. The threats of predators are serious, and we should not facilitate allowing grown men or boys to be in bathrooms with little girls... I encourage every school superintendent, school board, and parent across this nation to disregard this barely veiled threat from the White House aimed at overturning the utterly reasonable practice of preventing men and boys from entering girls' restrooms and changing rooms. As a father of young girls, I wouldn't want my daughters being forced to change in the same room as men and boys. It's that simple. And parents across this country shouldn't have to tolerate it either."


  1. Amen....I so agree...and preach on....smiles---this is a very hot topic in our household, Barbara...I have had 2 run in's with a trans(whatever) person in the ladies restroom on campus. I am now being faced with the locker room situation next semester, sigh...anyways...thank you for your honesty...smiles

  2. I hear ya Barbara...and no, you are not preaching to the choir unfortunately. I know some church-goers who are really ditzy on some things not to mention compromised in spirit. One younger woman, I would say in her 30s, a pastor's wife actually. This woman has written an article why she will not boycott a certain department store.

    The death of common sense at best? Carnal mindedness at worst.

    I heard someone from the medical establishment day before yesterday sharing that was is worse is some pediatricians are going to be forced or pressured to give hormonal shots to children where as the parent thinks they are needing a gender change. Horrifying.

    What has become of us? They are amongst us Barbara.

    Great that you wrote of this. Bless you!

  3. AMEN, Barbara, it is a sad state of affairs for sure and we as Christians have GOT to take a stand. We've remained silent and stood in the background for too long. It's the easiest way. May God bless America!

  4. Another person said that this must be the hill that we are willing to stand on and not be denied. This action by our president is ungodly and illegal; it is extortion and must be resisted and defeated. God help us!