Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend Reprise

our breakfast room
Sometime in the past I have written about how much I enjoy dappled sunshine streaming in through the windows.  Well admittedly, the sunshine in the picture above is not "dappled" but at least we have sunshine and no snow. For that, I  am so thankful. We've had rain, but at least we don't have to shovel that. 

So much for the weather report. I wanted to share some pictures from Mother's Day weekend:

My table at the tea. My tea pot is under the pink-and-white cozy
Our church held its Annual Ladies' Tea on Saturday and this year I hosted a table. The Women's Ministry Team supplied the glass dishes and cups, along with plastic 'silverware' that looked like real metal. Very nice. 

Hostesses were to supply a 'tablescape', cloth napkins and a tea pot. I made beaded bracelets for the napkin rings and then told the girls at my table the bracelets were theirs for a keepsake.

another quilted table topper
I took snapshots of all 18 tables but am sharing just a couple of pictures here. Everybody did a wonderful job of it. We had over 100 ladies in attendance. Our Women's Ministry Team really knows how to put together an occasion!

the Tea was held in the huge foyer of our church
We had a wonderful speaker, one of our own members, who shared a riveting story of a devastating experience she had and how the LORD has brought her through. It was very sobering and inspiring.

Beloved on Mother's Day morning
Saturday afternoon Beloved and I went to the mall. He had a gift card from Christmas and I wanted him to use it for some clothes. He used the card to buy this sport jacket and shirt to go with khaki Docker slacks he already had. The jacket was on sale and has colors in it that match with at least three different pair of slacks already in his closet. It was a very good buy!

Recently we had dinner in the home of a new friend at church who has a collection of Teddy Bears, several of whom sit on her fireplace hearth on bicycles. On our way home from the dinner, I mentioned to Beloved that although our bears have several nice chairs to sit in that are just their size, none of them have a bicycle.

Grandad Bear tries out the bike

Nobody can say that my husband is deaf to a bold hint. For Mother's Day he gave me a very nice bicycle from Pier One Imports and here you see one of our bears giving it a try.

son #2 and me after lunch

We left him to figure it out and went on to church. We had lunch with one of our sons and took the usual pictures afterwards to remember the occasion. Of my three children, probably this one looks most like me. Love my kids! They all got in touch with me that day.

Grammy Bear
When we got home from church and lunch, we saw that Grammy Bear was taking a turn on the new bicycle.  I'd say the new toy is a hit with all of us!


  1. Oh he sure does look like you! Your husband looks very dapper in his new jacket and what a thoughtful man to purchase a bike for the bears! I really enjoyed seeing the tea tables all set up so beautifully. Such good ideas!

  2. How fun that your sweet hubby found just the right bike for the bears!! You son does indeed look like his momma! The tea decorations are lovely and the bracelet napkin rings is a great idea!!

  3. Grammy looks much happier than Grandpa Bear...just saying, smiles. I agree with Terri, your son looks just like you, smiles. What beautiful table settings...

  4. How fun to get the bike for the's just adorable! And you definitely look like your son. Glad you had a nice day!