Monday, May 9, 2016

God Speaks in the Silence

wreath at my church

Sometimes it seems that God is silent when we pray, and it's true. 

But I also think He is speaking to us a lot more than we realize. As I age and reflect on how walking with God works, I see that He often has put the very answer I need smack dab in front of me, even in my own hands, but I don't recognize it as His answer.

Or if I do, I argue within myself that I can't do that, it doesn't make any sense, it's too hard, and surely something else is a better solution.

THEN God is silent. I don't think He's in the business of trying to convince us. We ask. He answers. There it is.  Take it or leave it.

There are times when voicing our complaints is of more comfort than obedience to His answer. Maybe we are seeking attention more than solutions to the problem.

This has been true of me. I have been known to wallow in my misery, sharing my woes with any and all who will listen. I had a solution in mind. Things had to be done my way or the problem would not be solved. 

At one particular season of my life, the problem went on for one full calendar year. I was miserable and as a result, anyone who spent any measure of time with me was miserable as well. 

Finally, the LORD brought a godly stranger into my life who recognized the symptoms of deep self pity that manifested itself in unreasonable over-reaction and anger over a small matter. 

As Beloved would say, this person "took his life in his hands" (smile) by gently confronting me and probing to discover the source of my great unhappiness. 

By God's grace, I responded well to this person's tactics and spilled out my hurt.  He sympathized with me that some unfairness had happened but then helped me to realize I was suffering while the person who I was holding responsible for the offense was free as a lark, in no way harmed by the situation.

(I will insert here in the story that the offense was nothing of a criminal or immoral harm. Not at all.)

The light began to dawn on me that I was holding onto the hurt by my own choice, not taking the help, the answers, the LORD was making available to me. I was my own worst enemy by not taking God's solution to my problem.

I confessed this to the LORD in front of my husband and this godly stranger and then put down the offense and moved on with my life.

The change in me was so dramatic that people told me it  really showed on my face. I was immensely happy, relieved of the burden, and free to let the LORD deal with the entire matter. 

Yes, there are times when the LORD is silent. He has already given us the answer we require and now He waits quietly for our obedience.


  1. Wow. Powerful testimony. Praise God!!

  2. Oh oh...I do believe, your story is speaking to me...or is it, "Ya talkin' to me?" Thank you friend, very powerful. Thank you.

  3. That is a powerful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing it. It do be speaking to me, too!