Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Git Along Lil' Doggies!

We were taking it easy, enjoying a relatively quiet afternoon with the exception of one nagging problem. 

One of the guests in our Bed and Breakfast was staying longer than we had expected.  If that wasn't enough, I was irritated that he continually forgot to remove his muddy boots when inside the lodge.

Beloved decided it was time to speak privately to our rude guest in an effort to find out how long he intended to stay. His story was that he was waiting for the herd to hit town but they had been delayed due to inclement weather.

We decided it would be better for business if we would just stick it out with our guest and soon enough he would be on his way.

Sure enough, it wasn't long after that when our property was invaded with plenty of raucous action. The thundering herd was fast on their feet and friendly to humans. 

Amazingly tame, they proved to be very entertaining to all of our other Bed and Breakfast guests....

... although one of them took it upon himself to sniff out everybody's shoes.

Then, all too soon, it was time for the cowboy to ride out of town with the herd and our guests had to bid them all goodbye.

It was a wonderful time for all of us, although I don't miss the muddy boots on my bedspread.

This is just a whimsical little story written with the unsolicited help of both family and friends, and their pets: (in order of appearance) Cody, Cali, Max, Maggie, and Shimmy.

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  1. {{{{Big, Big smiles}}} Now, look, leave Woody alone, he prob. was missing his buddy, Buzzlightyear and his gal pal. smiles