Saturday, April 9, 2016

Where ya been?

Sewing room and Bible study
To be more accurate, where have I been? My production of blog posts has fallen off sharply over the past week and that will probably continue indefinitely with posts popping up here and there  only as time and inspiration permit.

Two things have brought about this change.  I've joined a new quilting class at my church. Also, this past January I began attending a Bible study class that has a lot of homework. To do both of these endeavors justice, I had to shorten my time with blogging.

But as I am able, I am still following the blogs of my friends, making comments along the way, just to let you know I'm not totally out of touch.

For today, I want to share quilt pictures I posted on Face Book over the past week. One of my needlework friends challenged me to post a picture of my quilts every day for a week.  So here are those pictures, along with explanations of each one:

Day One: 

This photo of a quilt in my kitchen is a quick pattern made up of the colors in my home and completed November 16, 2013. The cabinetry in my home is black and I decorate country, so I chose a black plaid homespun fabric for the centers of the blocks. Instead of quilting, I tied down the quilt with buttons in the center of the white blocks.

Day Two:

This is a pattern by Donna Poster called "Block Party." Years ago this pattern was featured on Alex Anderson's TV show, Simply Quilts. I have made this pattern several times and love it. 

This quilt hangs in my dining room and again has some black in it, to hold together the general color scheme of my home. I love how wall quilts enable the decorator to pull together whatever colors are in the room to make it "work." 

If you look closely, you can see silver and gold charms, baby spoons, buttons, costume jewelry, and orphan earrings tacked onto the white rectangles. This is an idea I learned from quilter, speaker, author (and local friend), Cindy Brick

To buy this quilt pattern go to this link:

Day Three:

This quilt is a tulip pattern hanging in my study. I reserve the right to decorate my study with pink because it makes me happy! 

As you can see, the patterns I choose are not complicated. Piecing a quilt is one of my happiest forms of relaxation, so designs with a lot of detail are not for me.

Day Four: 

This all-pink quilt is made from a package of 5-inch charm squares, which was a gift from Surfer Girl years ago. It is hanging on a wall in my pink study. Many fabric flowers are pinned to the piece to give it added texture and dimension. Some of the flowers were purchased and some I made. 

At the very top is a pink feathered "Fascinator" hat that I wore to a ladies tea at church last year.

Day Five:

Continuing with the pink-themed quilts in my study (office), this is a Nine Patch and Irish Chain pattern. Both Nine Patch and Irish Chain (as well as other variations on those designs) are my very favorite piecing patterns because they whip up so quickly while 'm l listening to music, podcasts, have the TV on, or just need something nearly mindless to do with my hands when I feel stressed.

The black heart is a purchased piece with a delicately painted floral design. It's just pinned onto the quilt.

This is a pinwheel pattern made of pink and light brown fabrics. It is kept on what I call my "chocolate chair" (dark brown velvety upholstery). It's supposed to be my reading chair, but I tend to do most of my reading at my desk. Beloved sits in this chair and leans back against this quilt when he comes to visit me in my study.

Day Seven (last):

The last photo I submitted to the 7-day Face Book challenge was this one made for my granddaughter #5 (grandchild #10), who was born last year. Her mommy, Surfer Girl, sent me paint chips of the colors for the nursery and then I found fabrics to coordinate. 

The design is irregular and quite different from my usual choices. I had run out of fabric, had to buy more, and the whole process put me into a panic a couple of times along the way!! But I'm told they (quoting here) "Love, love, love it," so all turned out well.

Holly's Quilt Cabin did the all-over stipple quilting for me at a reasonable price. 

Thanks for stopping by ... 


  1. Very blogging and visiting have also is really keeping me busy. smiles

  2. I so enjoyed seeing your quilts on FB and now on your blog. They are just beautiful and so handsomely placed throughout your home.

  3. You are a prolific quilter! I really enjoyed seeing each and every quilt and I have a favorite but won't say because they are all unique and wonderful. I like the idea of using a quilt to bring a room together.

  4. Your quilts are lovely. I can't pick a favorite!