Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Still Dodging the Snow Flakes

the front porch of The Brown Bungalow
Spring is making a valiant effort to come to my town but the snow just keeps blowing in. 

Beloved and I were watching the local TV news late this afternoon when the weather gal said snow would come in time for Thursday's morning rush hour.  

It's my habit to do the weekly grocery shopping on Thursdays. Beloved suggested we turn off the TV, get that shopping done now, and stop at a drive-thru on the way home to get dinner. 

As it turned out, my printed list (yes, I'm a geek who  types and prints my list from the computer) called for me to shop at TWO grocery stores. 

One list was much longer than the other, so Beloved dropped me off at Walmart with the long list. He then drove himself to Kroger with the shorter list. When he was done, he came back to Walmart and texted me to ask which aisle I was in. 

Is that teamwork or what?!!! What-a-guy!!

my neighbor's tulips

But back to the subject of Spring, it's like we get three steps forward and take a step or two back. My neighbor's tulips are weathering the snow and violent winds very well. She is wondering, however, what happened to the "multi colors" in the packages of bulbs she planted. 

my kale sprouts
I haven't gone to much effort to plant anything yet except to sprinkle some kale seeds in one of the backyard gardens. Kale, like spinach and radishes, likes the cooler weather and will grow. Then when the temperatures are hot summer-like, it slows down, only to resurge again when the cooler days of fall arrive. I look forward to adding some of my green crops to our daily breakfast smoothies!

The Hydrangeas and Forsythia on the porch are silk. The rule of thumb along Colorado's Front Range is to not put any annuals outside until after Mother's Day (and often a couple of weeks after that.) The latest snow I've seen here was on June 4th. I think that was in 2000. That's what our mile-high altitude does for us.


  1. The last couple of years, we had snow up to Memorial Day here in western is not unusual, friend...not at all. Your hubby is a keeper, for sure. smiles

    Have a beautiful day, regardless of the weather. Blessings

  2. I have become so spoiled living in Florida! I could never go back to snow in April and May. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. That shopping trip certainly was a fine example of teamwork!!

  3. Amazing teamwork! I miss my grocery shopping partner. He gave it up some months ago. He wishes he could help: he just can't.

    Our rule of thumb is no annuals before Memorial Day. I had hoped that we were done with snow this week, but you're making me nervous.