Friday, April 29, 2016

Itching to Stitch

a large version of the Dresden Plate pattern while under construction

I've managed to fit in some time for the sewing room  so I thought my readers would like to see the results. None of the projects are difficult, which helps things to move along quickly.

completed Dresden Plate on dining room table in The Brown Bungalow

We've needed something bright and cheery for spring.  Here I'm playing around with several ideas. 

design wall in sewing room

Now that my sewing room has been relocated to the main floor from the basement, it is much easier to spend a few minutes here and there on a project. I'm also loving the natural light that comes in through the east window.

hand-quilting with hearts

Most of the stitches have been made by machine, but I did spend two evenings hand-quilting a wall hanging with these simple hearts...

A quick Nine Patch for the dining room wall
... Although from a distance, you can't see the hearts at all! Oh well.

One of the gals in my Sunday morning Bible study class has begun a quilting group for our church. She provided us with an easy pattern by Fons and Porter. Most of the girls are making it up in patriotic colors and/or fabrics, but I have so many red-white-blue things that I decided to do something different. 

We need a new quilt in our master bedroom, so I'm using this star pattern in colors to complement our home decor.  We have black cabinetry throughout, so black is the basic color of the quilt blocks with various shades of yellow, blue, red, green, and cream as well.

pieces ready to assemble
When I find a chink of time to spend in the sewing room, I like to cut what is needed for the blocks and then assemble them in stacks like this, ready to sew together when another spot of time appears in my schedule.

two of the blocks have been sewn together

Thus far, I've been able to assemble 2 of the blocks but I've got 47 more to go before it looks anything like a king-sized quilt.

my staff

Before I close this out, you need to see that my staff is still very much alive and well. They are busy all the time, keeping Beloved and me in line, enabling us to do the important stuff while they attend to the laundry, cooking, gardening, snow removal, and such. (don't we wish!!)

There are no recent blog posts about this crew. Life has just been too busy and too serious for me to dwell in the whimsey of life. The last story about them was in late March and you can see it by clicking here: The Continued Saga of Kay and Jean

You can also click on "Whimsey" (see the column to the right, under "Categories") for all the blog posts featuring our staff.


  1. I'm sure "the staff" have been busy and there will be a post about what they've been up to soon! I so admire those of you who can quilt and do needlework. I just have no patience to even do one square, let alone over 40!! I look forward to seeing your finished project!!

  2. What a cute table topper! Springy colors and a neat pattern.

  3. Mr. Potato!!! So nice to him...smiles

    Beautiful things, Barbara. I think I will head down to the basement today and go through still packed boxes. I need spring-summer-springs things and I know, some of those boxes hold treasures, smiles.

    Have a beautiful day friend.