Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Little Reunion

Denise and Peggy

Referencing a post I wrote for February 19, In Celebration of Friends, this past week has been a fun visit with one of our gals who retired to the midwest nearly three years ago. Peggy came to town and we have done our best to maximize the treat of her presence. BeeBee tried to get off work so she could fly into town as well, but her employer needed her during that time frame.

Denise and Peggy

Our first gathering of the three of us was the evening of Easter Sunday with a light supper at my house. Since everybody enjoyed a filling lunch earlier in the day, we had a simple menu of cheese quesadillas and a spring salad. 

Barbara and Denise with one of the locals

The next day the original plan was to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for an exhibit about chocolate, but alas, no parking was to be found due to another exciting exhibit that had just been added.  We revised our plans to drive to the town of Golden for lunch and shopping.


Lunch was at the Old Capitol Grill and then we strolled the main street, checking into shops when their window displays drew us in.

Clear Creek

I always enjoy standing on the bridge that's above Clear Creek, which runs through town. For those who are interested, the Coors beer plant is perched on this waterway, just yards behind where I stood to snap this picture. The three of us are good lil' Baptist girls, so we stick to "just water with a slice of lemon, please."

Another notable fact about Golden is that it's the home of The Colorado School of Mines.

where the Buffalo roam
Later that afternoon we took Peggy back to her lodging and stopped to look at the famous buffalo herd that resides alongside I-70 in the mountains. That's just a few of them in the distance (the close-up brown things are boulders).  Yep, this is a common thing in our wonderful state of Colorado!!

Peggy, Denise, Barbara
On another day, we all met at The Brown Bungalow for a tour of my town. We piled into my car and I took them to see a local church whose children's department is built to look like Noah's Ark. Sorry, I don't have a photo of that (since I was the one driving), but it's a neat thing to drive past. Wait! since submitting this post, Peggy has sent me a picture she took of the Ark at the church:

Isn't this neat?! It's at The Rock Church, here in Castle Rock.

I took them over the ridge of hills on the west side of our valley to see the road to the road to Perry Park, then turned to head back to Castle Rock. We quickly lost count of all the deer we saw along the road, feeding on green grass poking through all the snow we've had in recent weeks. Driving was slow to avoid the feeding frenzy along the very edge of the road.

A new park in town has some very exciting features, including zip lines, a set of challenge steps up the side of a mountain, and a tall structure with a climbing wall, equipment for rappelling, and a  bungee jump feature, among other things. 

the Challenge steps go up 178 feet with
200 steps. No railings. I prefer to climb
them with a walking stick.

On this day we just observed due to the cold temperature and because we were not dressed for athletics. I drove them out south of town to see the mountain views from a church we used to attend and then returned to the historic part of Castle Rock. 

Castle Rock
We texted Beloved, who took time off from work to meet us for lunch at the famous B and B Cafe on the main street of town.

Beloved, Barbara, Denise

He, by the way, is looking at retirement in just three months ... I look forward to the day when he can run and play with me like this all the time  during the middle of the week!

photo credit

After lunch we went to a matinee showing of the new Christian film, God is Not Dead 2. It was helpful to have seen the first in this series (God is Not Dead) to understand some of the inside jokes, but certainly not essential. We all three enjoyed it, finding the subject matter of this one not quite as "cerebral" as the first, but still very thought-provoking. At the very least, this story helps to prepare us for the opposition Christ-followers are facing in our country now and in the future.  It was both entertaining and spot-on for what is happening in our culture today. There were also some familiar faces I was not expecting to see.

photo credit

This was a marathon-type of day, trying to fit in as much as we could before our reunion visit would come to a close. Rare is the visitor to my home that I don't take them to The Barn, and of course this was no exception, even though both girls have been there before.

a collection of the fun we had that day at The Barn

In the greenhouse part of The Barn, I bought a live jade plant for my dining room, and Peggy found something for a thank-you gift. 

All too soon it's time for Peggy to return from whence she came. Denise and I loved having her come for this visit. Truly ....


  1. Just a thought...Denise looks like my Mom, Peggy. Yep...(my moms name is indeed Peggy aka Margaret, big smiles).

    I love the red hat...and whew--that is a lot of stairs to climb...thank you for the smiles, friend. Blessings

  2. Ooooeeee...just the thought of facing that many stairs makes me shudder!! My poor knees wouldn't make more than five or six. What fun you all had!! Old friends are indeed the best friends!! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

  3. I love reconnecting with friends. Sounds like you packed a lot into their visit.