Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Visiting Sister and The Cook on Fifth Street

A la Peter, Paul and Mary, my bags were packed and I was ready to go... we set the alarm clock for 3 a.m. and were on the road to the Denver airport shortly after 4 a.m. I was on my way to visit Sister and The Cook on Fifth Street.

Here follows my scrapbook of photos from the weeklong trip:

Soaring above the clouds at dawn on Frontier Airlines; note the tiny fold-down tray table.  BUT, we arrived 42 minutes EARLY with a strong tail wind.


After the plane landed, I grabbed this salad at a take-out stand and made my way to baggage claim, and then on to a coach bus to take me closer to my final destination. I love these kinds of salads.

Sister met me at the bus station and we had a wonderful lunch at The Machine Shed, with fantastic food, midwest farm decor, and a fun gift shop.

After that wonderful meal, we continued by car to our final destination where re-unions began.....

Jean (in the green) and Kay (in the pink) were thrilled to be together after years of separation. If you missed what this is all about, click on this link: The Continued Saga of Kay and Jean 

The very next day was special -- it was the first time I was able to celebrate my birthday with my mother since 1970! She treated me to  lunch at Culver's.

On another day we drove to a neighboring town to check out the shops. It is surprising how many eateries there are, even in small rural communities -- and it's my mission to experience as many of them as I can!
needlework and China

When we weren't eating, there were things we could do together back at the house. I hemmed up several pairs of slacks for my mother, emptied the china cabinet, dusted, and replaced the contents.

Two of my great nieces came to see us and they treated me as though they see me every day! I loved that! Here Sister colors with her granddaughters.

Sister, who has been building dollhouses for many years, let one of her granddaughters and me play with the farm house in her office. 

On Saturday night, Sister and her hubby took me to a local fundraiser concert that featured music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 

Sister and me
Sister's university degree is in radio and television communications. Before children came into her marriage, Sister was a radio announcer, spinning the vinyl tunes that brought back our teen memories. (I, too, have a history with a radio station, but my job was answering phones -- nothing as glam as sister's responsibilities)

In the course of the evening, they pulled out a Wheel of Fortune and I was chosen to spin it!! The Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets would sing the song where the wheel stopped. It was a very fun evening.

Scenes from church

Saturday night kept us out a little late, but we still made it to church the next morning. It was Palm Sunday, complete with the children  happily parading down the center aisle with palm branches. 

Brother-in-law's family farm
Sunday afternoon was a perfect day for photography at the family farm. 

no cows any more

Years ago, this barn was home to over fifty cows that my brother-in-law milked three times a day! My husband, my kids and I all have fun memories of visiting this place, made all the more special because we were city people. I kind of missed seeing the cows during this visit (but I didn't miss their smell!).

We were treated to a driving tour of the farm, moving among the dormant corn fields.

the tree-lined drive and corn crib

It was an idyllic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The Lord's creation was stunning to see.

After a busy week with lots of fun, it was time for Sister to take me back to the bus station, and I began my return home.

Before boarding my flight back to Denver, I stopped to buy yet another of those wonderful salads from a vendor near my gate. I like to take pictures of the salad and the ingredients and then make up the salad in my own kitchen.


Just barely 24 hours after my return home to Colorado, we were hit with a violent blizzard that blew in seventeen inches of snow in my neighborhood and white-out conditions so strong that at times we couldn't see past the railing on our deck! I was so thankful to not be among those travelers who got stranded away from home!

So, this completes my report about the trip. Now to get back to the normal routines!


  1. looks like a great trip, thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved reading about your wonderful birthday trip AND about the dolls reunion. So much fun!

  3. Oh, there's a Machine Shed in DesMoines, near where my brother lives. We've eaten there several times and I love it. What a fun trip and I like the look of those salads as well. Happy rest of the week!