Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Update from The Brown Bungalow

the view from my breakfast table this morning;
the blurriness is ice on the window as a heavy wet snow falls

I’ve got a cold again which appears to be a mild revival of the virus we had here a few weeks ago.  

Or it’s a new germ acquired when I consented to be sealed into a metal cylinder with about a hundred other humans and then jettisoned cross country. That process was repeated a week later. 

Why do we pay big money to be cooped up in a tight space with thousands of germs and no food service provided by flight attendants?! 

I have  no idea. We live in a crazy world. I have flown for all of my life (my father was a pilot)but this mode of transportation is no longer the fun that it used to be.

Yes, I have returned from my trip to see The Cook on Fifth Street and Sister, along with several other dear family members. Today I am just checking in with my fans with this brief post while doing a mountain of laundry and tackling my Precept Bible study homework (we are studying the book of Genesis). 

Before day’s end, I hope to carve out time to write a more interesting post with lots of pictures. Thanks for stopping by to see what’s happening at The Brown Bungalow!

As per the picture I’m posting above, winter is here today, expected to move out of here by tonight. Ah, springtime in the Rockies!


  1. Yes, flying is so not fun anymore that I refuse to do it. Used to fly a lot thirty years ago when we still, at least, got a pack of peanuts and a soft drink. Ha! This entire old world seems to be going backward in so many ways. It does not feel like 2016. Sometimes it even feels like the middle ages, especially after days like yesterday.

    I am sorry that you are feeling under the weather and hope that you will be able to shake it off soon. Spring in the Rockies looks fickle, but I've heard that the snow never lasts long. I doubt yours will either. Ours has already melted from our little Monday snowstorm.

    Looking forward to the photos of your trip. I do hope that you had a pleasant time visiting family in the East.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon....
    Mama Bear

  3. Sorry you are fighting a bug again. Bummer! I know what you mean about flying these days. It used to be such a fun adventure. Now it is just drudgery and I don't fly unless there is no other way to get where I need to go. Welcome back, anyway, and I look forward to photos and stories once you get settled in and rested up. Feel better!!

  4. What a bummer! I am about to fly again and will load up on my OnGuard immunity beadlets and hopefully escape the germs. Can't wait to hear about and see pictures of your recent trip. Easter blessings!!

  5. Welcome back...praying you recover soon...and what a bummer about the flight. And brrrrrrrr....yes, springtime is like that here in western NY as well. Blessings friend.