Monday, March 28, 2016

The Continued Saga of Kay and Jean

Note #1: For those who aren't aware, every once in a while I escape into a whimsical world with my "staff" at the fictitious Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast. Truth is mixed with fantasy and this is what comes out! 

World events are so serious these days that whimsical inspiration gets dampened with reality and as a result, I don't write from my B and B very often any more. But this was one of those times.....

Note #2: As has been my habit for years, I use pseudonyms for my characters to protect their true identity. You understand, I'm sure.

Kay sends emails
Those of you who are my most faithful readers may remember a post dated January 18 titled "Switched at the Sending," in which I relayed the melancholy story of how two dolls got switched and I ended up with Sister's doll in the pink dress while Sister got my doll in the green dress. (got that?)

The mix-up happened years ago when The Cook on Fifth Street decided it was time for our dolls to live in our houses instead of hers. It was purely an innocent mistake. She didn't realize at the time that she had sent the dolls to the wrong people. Since Sister and I live nearly 1,000 miles apart, getting the dolls back to the right owners was no easy feat.  

In January Sister suggested that we should take care of the matter. This brings you up-to-date. A few weeks ago, right after Beloved made my flight reservations to visit Sister and The Cook on Fifth Street, this message showed up on my computer:

Dear Barbara,

Jean says she knows your luggage space is limited, but she was just wondering if she would be able to go home with you when you come to visit.  (She says she could be your 'carry-on item’!)  Here she is visiting with Coca Cola Bear.  He’s waiting until he can find transportation to go live with Sweet Lil' Girl.  You don’t have to take her on this trip, but she was just wondering, in case she needed to be packed up and ready to move (though all she has is the dress and shoes she’s wearing!).

Coca Cola Bear and Jean (Barbara's doll)
Of course, when I shared this with Kay (Sister's doll), things began to happen very fast. She asked if she could send an email to Jean...

Kay (pink dress) writes to Jean (green dress)
Later that night, before going to bed, I sent my own email out to those we would soon be visiting:

Dear Sister and Cook on Fifth Street,

A  little drama has been playing out here at my house ever since I read the email from “Jean” about an hour ago that she wants to come home with me if I will bring “Kay” with me. 

Since tomorrow is the day I pack my suitcase, we hastily put together a little photo shoot to record our last hours with Kay before she gets packed into my bag.  

The tears of farewell have already begun to flow profusely…

Mandy Sue
Our little drama queen is stealing the show.  

Eaves Dropping
Somebody called the newspaper, and in no time at all, the door bell was ringing and Eaves Dropping, the Home & Garden Editor from the Whistlestop Weekly was pushing her way through the front door.

Me and Grandad Bear with our B and B staff and friends

I wanted one last staff photo but Mandy Sue was so overcome with emotion that we finally had to just take the picture with her tears. It was a pitiful thing.

Me with Kay in a farewell hug
I was able to get a few moments with Kay, hugging her and telling her that although she has spent the last twenty-some years packed away in a box in the basement, she has been an anchor and a vital part of the foundation of all we do here at Grammys Place B&B. 

So, yes, with this hasty but none-the-less proper send off, Kay will soon be flying to the Midwest and shortly after that we will welcome Jean with open arms.
Sister, Jean, Kay and The Cook on Fifth Street
The reunion was very touching. After so many years apart, the girls were thrilled to be together once again. Although Eaves Dropping from the Whistlestop Weekly could not make the trip, the paparazzi still managed to show up in Sister's kitchen where countless photos recorded this very special event. 

The Cook on Fifth Street gave a sweet little speech in which she gave her most sincere apology for switching the girls in the first place, but both Kay and Jean were very gracious about the matter. After all, if memory serves us correct, it was the sewing skills of The Cook on Fifth Street who created their beautifully-constructed matching plaid dresses. The dolls came as Christmas gifts when we were very young but their clothing was not acceptable, so new and much better dresses were made for them before they were placed under the Christmas tree that year.

Sister poses with the girls
It was a delightful evening, with good-natured bantering going back and forth. Sister was up to her usual tricks of adding "bunny ears" for the photos.

During our week-long visit, we talked, laughed, and even celebrated my birthday! (the trip was Beloved's gift even though he was not able to accompany me this time)

Eaves Dropping -- never one to miss out on a good story
Back in  our hometown of Whistlestop,  we pulled into our driveway at the Bed and Breakfast and I could tell something was afoot. That Home and Garden Editor was not going to let Jean's homecoming go unnoticed.

Welcome to Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast

Sure enough, as soon as we got inside the door, my staff whisked Jean away and a welcome ribbon party began! Curly ribbons were everywhere, along with ample portions of cake and punch for everyone.

Lily, Jean, and Mandy Sue 

I was so very pleased to see that Mandy Sue had dried her tears from earlier in this story and was giving Jean the best welcome a girl could possibly hope for.

By the way, as promised, I will be posting some photos from my recent trip but I had to get this story written up first. You understand, I'm sure!


  1. Awesome!!! I am so glad everything turned out well. {{{BIG, BIG SMILES}}} Have a beautiful Monday, friend.

  2. What a fun post!! We are never too old for a little fantasy and fun!!