Monday, March 7, 2016

Out of the Darkness Into the Light

Sewing room as seen from the hall doorway

Last week we both were still suffering from that bothersome coughing cold virus that is making the rounds. 

one of my quilts, a folding screen, and a set of full-length shutters
give me places to pin up notes to myself and inspiration for projects
Thankfully, we survived it and then were able to move furniture from the main floor to the basement and from the basement to the main floor! Whaaaat?!

my sewing buddy supervised the room arrangement
Yes, that's exactly what we did with our new-found strength after weeks of coughing and blowing our noses.

needlework books and magazines

You see, although I had a HUGE area in the basement to sew, it was on concrete and below ground (not even a daylight or walk-out style basement) and the lack of natural light plays havoc with my happiness levels. I'm one of those people who needs sunny days for a sunny disposition. Too many cloudy days makes me feel cloudy.

Examples from previous projects inspire me

Beloved paid good money for more electricity and lighting but I just couldn't get myself down there to sew below ground. Then my lack of creativity got me down.

Beloved built  the sewing tables years ago to suit my ergonomic needs
(I'm short and needed tables with shorter legs)
So over the span of two days we dismantled the guest room and moved it down to the unfinished basement and brought up nearly everything from below to the main floor. 

larger pieces of fabric are stored in the closet
by color groups

We seldom have overnight guests (in the nearly 3 years in this house, our guest room has been used by only 4 people), so when those occasions arise, we will do all we can to make them comfortable in a cavernously-large basement. They will have to plan ahead to climb stairs to reach a bathroom. Maybe we will finish off that area, sometime. Maybe.

Threads are kept on a closet wall, out of the bright light and dust.
I love it that natural light filters into the new sewing room through the shuttered window, and I can slide open the window for a breath of fresh air if I want.

storage of fat quarters is in a chest of shallow drawers below the cutting table
I am also just steps away from my study, the laundry room, a bathroom, and the kitchen. As I like to say, I can do quick things in the sewing room while I'm waiting for water to boil!

Wall space is reserved for the "design wall", yet to be done

Yes, the total square footage is probably 1/3 of what I had in the basement, so careful storage options are a necessity. But I like to tackle that kind of thing, so it's just a challenge, not an obstacle.

sewing machine cover made by my mother 

I have to say that the new sewing room is my new favorite place in The Brown Bungalow!

some of my sewing room friends


  1. Breathtaking beautiful...I wish you could see my smile.

  2. So glad that you made the switch. I know that you'll be happier upstairs. Love, love, love that sewing machine cover that your mother made. I recently made one for myself and it is nowhere near as darling.

  3. I'm with you on cloudy days or dark rooms. I need light!! We have a house full of windows in our new home and we are loving that. I know you are going to enjoy your new room so much and now your creative juices can flow and flow.

  4. An excellent change for you!! So glad you are both feeling better!

  5. Hi Barb

    I'm glad you are feeling better. My daughter suffered from that same virus and she missed many days of work because of it--she felt so horrible.

    I like your new sewing room and I think you did the right thing moving it where you have windows and light. We also have not had many visitors to our guest room in the three years we have lived here. My husband is disappointed his family and friends have not visited us as yet. A nephew and wife might come for Easter but nothing positive as yet.

    This year is already passing too quickly!