Saturday, February 27, 2016

What to Look for in a Candidate

shared with permission from Little Birdie Blessings

So many of us are disappointed and distressed over the show of anger and disrespect by some  of our Republican presidential candidates in this past Thursday night's televised debate. 

I use the word "disappointed," but in reality we are coming to expect these demonstrations lacking in civility. 

The word "distressed" is appropriate. We have every right to expect those contending for the position of our nation's highest and most respected leader would behave themselves with decorum and restraint. We are not seeing that in some of them. If this is the way they present themselves in our own country, how will they handle their emotions when dealing with threatening leaders of other nations?

But with that said, we  thank the Lord for allowing us to see the true character of these people when under pressure. Before we head to the polls, we need to know how our potential leader responds to stress, strain, and opposition. We are getting insights from these debates that are more than opinions on vital issues. 

Character. Look for it. O that God's people (the "evangelical vote") would prioritize character over rhetoric.

Pray. Pray for your candidate. Pray he will be a man of prayer and God's Word. Pray he will choose his words carefully and be a man of godly grace when under fire. 

This matter will be with us for a long time. Keep the faith. 


  1. Well said! Look for character - be fruit inspectors

  2. Beautiful..100% right. Thank you for posting this, Barbara...I have been feeling the same way (ohhhh, like you didn't know that, giggling).

    Have a beautiful Saturday friend.

  3. Hi Barbara - Thanks for sharing my graphic in your post. It seems to fit with your topic of our potential President. Good advice to Pray, prayer changes things. ~ Abby

  4. Yes, very well said and I pray that the Lord will be merciful as we face this all time important election. I hope all Christians are making this a deep matter of prayer.