Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thankful for a Super Bowl Win

our table is set with Bronco team colors
The Super Bowl is behind us now except for the celebrations that are in progress now in both California and Denver. It's an emotional time for the fans. We've been through wins and losses in the past, so we are well acquainted with how it feels in both circumstances. I am glad it's behind us now, with a win!

We enjoyed the company of Alan and Denise to help us cheer on the hometown team. Our dinner menu during Halftime was grilled hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, a fruit salad, chips and dips and brownies for dessert.

I've got a few snapshots to share and then I'm done with the Super Bowl for this year. Although the game was well-played, and I'm proud of our team, the commercials were a sore disappointment for the most part, the Halftime show was nothing that I could appreciate, and once again the singing of the National Anthem was, well, I won't even put that into words. 

I did enjoy the military choir at the very beginning, dressed very respectably in their uniforms for the music they performed, the flyover by the Navy's Blue Angels is always thrilling, and it is always refreshing to see the football players sharing the glory with their fellow teammates during the TV interviews. It was also very interesting to see the presentation of the men awarded Most Valuable Players over the last 50 Super Bowls

Beloved with his Super Bowl 50 shirt

me with my Bronco infinity scarf

Our guests and Beloved watching the game

Beloved's hat lights up whenever the Broncos score

Peyton Manning interviewed by Jim Nantz 


  1. So glad your team won! We were cheering for the Broncos too. It's nice to have friends and family over to enjoy good times. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Congrats on the win! Did you feel as if you were playing right along with the team? I didn't watch, but I can just imagine how halftime went. Ha! What fun to share the game with your friends.

  3. It is good to hear from a true fan about the super bowl...being an Auburn fan we were happy to see Cam Newton playing and having watched all the Mannings on college teams, I felt like I knew Peyton, too. I didn't watch all of the game. I caught a little of the highlights at halftime when they showed past performers.
    Mama Bear

  4. I"m with you on everything you said except that I thought Lady GaGa did a stellar job on the National Anthem and she looked really nice too. I would not have known it was her if they had not said. I'm hoping she is changing her imagine. :o)) The half time was a bunch of noise as far as I was concerned. We were thrilled for Peyton to go out with such a win. Happy week!

  5. What a sweet home you have there!

    We're not huge football fans, but our daughters and I do make fun snacks and my husband watches the game off and on. Coldplay sounded decent, but when things become yucky we turn the tv off and resume later. I enjoyed the patriotic things and the old fashioned marching band especially!

    It looks like you all were having a fun time, that is great! : )