Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Taming the Kitchen Drawers

when a person blogs about their kitchen drawers, does that mean they are running out of interesting material?

the silverware drawer

So yes, I am blogging about the drawers in my kitchen. 

First of all, I want to say that out of the many houses we have had over 45 years of marriage, I think this house has the most kitchen drawers of any of them. I love that. 

3 Velveeta cheese boxes on the right; and a
Christmas card box lower center

While I've been organizing the boxes in my basement over the last month, Denise has been rearranging the contents of her kitchen cabinets.  We had lunch one day and I told her that one of my biggest helps over the years has been to save Velveeta cheese boxes to use as dividers in my kitchen drawers. Do any of you do that?

2 more Velveeta cheese boxes on the right

I mean, they are so sturdy and such a handy size that I hated to throw them away!

can't stack the measuring cups too much or the drawer won't close
Clutter, disorder (and noise) make me crazy, so it stands to reason my kitchen drawers need to be in order or I can't cook!

Utensils that don't get as much use are in the lower drawers. There was a time when I had utensils in crocks on either side of the stove top, but in an effort to have less to pick up and put back down when wiping down the counters, those things were relocated to drawers.

the very bottom drawer (and the toes of my shoes!)

Last week I asked Beloved to cut some wood blocks from his scraps of lumber to wedge at the back of the drawers. Even with all the fancy Velveeta boxes and store-bought containers for clutter control, often things don't fit snugly. As a result, things shift every time the drawer is opened and closed. I don't like that.

So he obliged me and now the sections of the drawers stay put all the time.  Love it!

the messy drawer

This (above)  is what I consider to be my messiest drawer. It really isn't, but those blue and white containers with the holes -- they look untidy to me. They are pieces of a plastic basket that I didn't like so I took them apart and used them as dividers.  I need to replace them with something else -- more Christmas card boxes, probably.

But now, if you want to see a REALLY organized drawer, look at this:

Keurig K-cups
There is one area of the kitchen that is pretty much Beloved's territory. It's a short stretch of counter where he keeps his Keurig coffee maker, his collection of K-cups (the coffee), and his coffee mugs, his travel mug, his Bronco cups, and his collection of chips, pretzels and caramel candies. 

He, too, is a man of orderliness (we were made for each other!!) with all of those things -- I am so blessed with this man.

Anyway, he's got one of those twirly countertop stands that holds the K-cups, but since he drinks 3 cups of coffee a day in 3 flavors, that stand doesn't begin to hold enough or keep the flavors organized the way he likes. He has the rest of his stash in a drawer reserved for that. 

Organization -- it's a beautiful thing!

Do you have special methods of organizing your kitchen that you would like to share?

P.S. Now that I'm gluten- and dairy-free, we never buy Velveeta cheese any more. Some of these boxes are 10-15 years old -- I kid you not!


  1. Well, I've never even thought of saving Velvetta cheese boxes. I rarely buy it but I'll never throw another one away that I don't think of you. I am just like you, I must have organization. I have all kinds of organizational gadgets. I might have to do a post similiar to this one. Fun!

  2. I've never used a Velveeta box for organizing, but there is one in the fridge right now. Hmmmmm.... Thanks for the tip. My kitchen doesn't have enough drawers, so the four that I do have are loaded and not at all organized. Yours do look terrific!