Monday, February 1, 2016

A Priority Issue

Much of the content on my blog is fun and practical information for homemakers like myself, along with the occasional devotional message. But today I need to share something of vital importance, and especially for my fellow-registered voters of Colorado. 

Colorado has degraded itself with voter-approved marijuana for recreational purposes. We are the butt of jokes and the hosts of new residents who come to camp out in shacks and broken down vehicles just so they can pollute our air with the noxious smoke and live off  welfare. They create more crime, and to date, at least one of them is sitting in jail for the tragic shootings in Colorado Springs  just a couple of months ago.

Now we are on the literal precipice of following the state of Oregon in approving physician-assisted suicide. This week a vote is being taken in our state capitol.  I don't especially enjoy fighting government battles, but I cannot pray with a clean conscience if I do not do my part to preserve godliness where I live. 

Please read the following article and then if you are a resident of Colorado contact  your state legislators (House and Senate) and respectfully ask them to oppose H.B. 1054 and S.25. You can call their offices or send an email, but you must do it immediately. The vote is scheduled for this week on Wednesday February 3 and Thursday February 4.

To find out who you need to contact and their information, you can call your county clerk or look up your county Republican website.

I urge my readers to stand up for life at every age and stage.  If you are not a Colorado resident, be on guard; this issue will probably come to your doorstep in the not-too-distant future.  

This below, is from Focus on the Family.

Proponents of physician-assisted suicide are once again targeting Colorado for passage of dangerous legislation that would put vulnerable patients and other citizens at risk for doctor-prescribed death.

They claim there are no abuses in Oregon, where it is legal. But, that's just half the story. Oregon only requires a skeleton of information to be collected, leaving so-called "safeguards" unchecked and people unaccountable.

Alarmingly, the Colorado bills under consideration have no reporting requirements at all, so doctors have no legal incentive to follow the law. The bills make it nearly impossible for the state to prove a doctor broke the law, which increases protections for doctors but eliminates protections for vulnerable patients.

The identical bills, H.B. 1054 and S. 25, are euphemistically named the "Colorado End-Of-Life Options Act" and are scheduled for votes in House and Senate Committees next week (Wednesday, Feb. 3 in Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs, and Thursday, Feb. 4 in House Judiciary).

The bills would:
  • Make it almost impossible to track abuse or prosecute those who operate outside the law as it has no reporting requirements
  • Create a shroud of secrecy with no state reports
  • Require a false "cause of death" on death certificates, listing the underlying illness rather than suicide
  • Give criminal and civil immunity to any person present at the time of ingestion or death
  • Allow a caregiver to request deadly drugs for a non-communicative patient
  • Allow any third party to coerce a patient to take the suicide drugs
  • Allow unused or leftover lethal doses to remain unsecured, available for abuse
The truth is no amount of safeguards can prevent the abuse of these types of laws; therefore, H.B.1054 and S. 25 must be defeated.

Why should you care?

Physician-assisted suicide puts vulnerable Colorado patients at risk. Consider the following:
  • Who is going to know when an heir, looking for financial profit or an end to caregiving responsibilities, coerces a loved one into suicide?
  • Who is going to stop a profit-driven health care system from offering suicide rather than chemotherapy for a patient who wants to live?
  • Who is going to protect the disabled, elderly and disadvantaged when they are subtly pressured into state-sanctioned suicide?
The answer?  No one.

The risks are too many and the cost is too high.

Don't you agree Coloradans deserve better in their final days than doctor-prescribed suicide?

Your lawmakers need to hear from you: Please contact your Colorado State Legislators (House and Senate) and respectfully ask them to oppose H.B.1054 and S. 25.


  1. You are so right. If it isn't stopped, it will be forced on all of us before we know what hit us. Tragic.

  2. I am sorry that this is on your doorstep. Praying that godly and good Coloradans will hold the line or else we shall topple like dominoes.