Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Chilly Crowd

Just some of our snow people in the dining room

As mentioned in a post last month, I have been hosting our snow people collection in the dining room for all of January.

a Jim Shore snowman
Many of you will agree, January can be quite an emotional letdown after all of the sparkle and flash of the Christmas season is packed away.

the table dressed for dinner guests, but we didn't get around to inviting anybody
I do, however, restrict them to the dining room where the color scheme, just for January, is mostly blue, white, and beige. (I like to change out the color scheme in there seasonally)

If the truth were to be told, after about mid-January, I was sorta ready for my freezing friends to exit but I had promised them and Beloved they would be with us until nearly Valentine's Day.

Then our Colorado weather took a turn for the warm last week and the outdoor temperature reached just shy of 70 degrees!  While the younger generation of our next door neighbors got out their shorts and flip flops, I revisited the idea of how long my dining room guests should stay and managed to convince them they might be more comfortable down in our always-chilly basement.

It's a long way to the bottom
So the journey began across the entry hallway and down the long stair case. 

Without legs, it took them hours to make the trip.

They took an extended break at the staircase landing before finishing the last couple of steps. But as I packed them into their boxes, one of them said something kinda snarky...

Did you catch it?...

And it has! We got 14 inches not long after.


  1. such a cute post, made me smile

  2. Well, that's what you get for making them go home before they were supposed to! Very cute post and I always look forward to seeing 'who' will venture out and up the stairs next!!

  3. I enjoyed your post, the snowpeople coming down the stairs was adorable! Made me smile! Have a great day!

  4. post! Creative, too. That's a lot of snow, but at least the snowmen won't be making you feel so chilly in the dining room anymore.

  5. Loved this post! I am missing the "feet" of snow that we usually have in January. Right now I can see grass in both the front and back yards. So, tomorrow I am putting all my snow people away for another year and hoping that your magic works here in New York!!

  6. *big smile* ...That is really, really cute! They are so cute filing down the stairs...I think maybe they should help hold Valentines hearts to feel a part of things. Poor little snowfellas...

    Great little entry, soooo cute! Stay warm. : )