Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Brief Post

Pikes Peak as seen from the visitor's center at Garden of the Gods

Beloved and I were not feeling well over the weekend with colds and a bothersome cough, but the weather was gorgeous and we wanted to get out. On Saturday we decided to drive to Colorado Springs, which is some forty miles south of us. 

Keeping our germs to ourselves by not interacting with anybody else, we enjoyed the scenic drive and a pleasant escape from being indoors. We arrived home from this short jaunt pretty tired and  still coughing quite a bit. It was decided we would not share our germs with the church crowd on Sunday.

We snapped just a couple of pictures from the visitor's center at the Garden of the Gods. It is a treat to be able to make short drives like this to see such fantastic scenery. We love living in Colorado.

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