Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Where Am I?

stairs to our basement

This month I've been working hard in the basement, going through boxes I packed 3 years ago in anticipation of selling our house and moving. The move happened pretty quickly after the boxes were packed and we've had them stored on sturdy shelves that Beloved and Jr built for me.

two views of the same boxes

As of Monday, I've gone through all the boxes, eliminated a ton of stuff that we no longer need and/or want, and made several trips to donation places.  

All the boxes are numbered and I have a Microsoft Excel document on my computer where all the boxes are listed. When I packed the boxes 3 years ago, I typed into the Excel document the contents of each box. 

If you are at all familiar with Excel, then you know there is a "search" feature. When I don't know which box has the springform pans, I simply type "springform pans" into the search window and Voila! it tells me the number of the box with the pans!! 

(I know, I'm very detail-oriented and have maybe just a touch of OCD.  But this kind of diligence runs in my family and I'm happy to say all of my kids are good about keeping track of their stuff, too!)

While going through the boxes, it was very important to me to use the same size box absolutely as much as possible. They are so much easier to stack/store/transport when they are exactly the same size. Of course there were some items that would not fit into these white boxes, so they had to be packed into something bigger. I did my best to not store small items in big boxes. 
Emilie Barnes
If any of you remember Emilie Barnes, the Christian home economics gal who wrote books and gave pithy advice on home organization, then my system may sound familiar. This was all her idea. As she packed her boxes, she would record on numbered index cards the contents of each box. But as I said earlier, I record my box contents on my computer.

Now that I've disposed of so many things and consolidated the number of boxes, I need to create a new Excel document and record the box contents.  I love this kind of stuff! 

Organization is a thing of beauty! Clutter impedes my creativity. I have fun projects in the sewing room that I want to do when this venture is done, which is my incentive. 

Sooooo to get back to the title of my post today, if you can't find me, I'm probably in the basement!

For God is not the author of confusion,
but of peace...

I Corinthians 14:33


  1. Oh I am the same way. When we made the move from Alabama to up here (NY), I did the very same thing and our basement looks nothing like yours...oh, its neat and tidy and hubby has things where he needs them, but no shelving, boxes sit on top of each other. Thanks for the smiles...Have a beautiful day, friend.

  2. congrats on being so organized

  3. Wow. Amazing organization and beautiful storage area in a lovely basement. Mine is like a dungeon. LOL!

    If you want a job, you could go into business doing this. Many people would pay for this skill.

  4. Oh my, I could sure hire you for a few days!! I'm organized, but I do get frustrated. I don't know if I've ever seen a more organized basement!! Good for you!