Friday, January 8, 2016

Time Away Update

view of my neighborhood in the distance from the gas station yesterday
Dear Readers,

It's been cold and snowy here -- perfect weather to retreat to my basement sewing room where I've been blessed with great productivity. When I tired of that, I read through two books, tried out some new recipes, got fitted with new glasses, and got caught  up with reading your blog posts (if you are a blogger) and Face Book. 

To my delight, some of you have commented via email and telephone that you have missed my postings. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate the kind words.

I will be back with a real post soon, perhaps even before this weekend is over....just need to first cross a couple more things off of my "to do list."



  1. Yes, ma'am you have been missed...but I sure understand about taking a break. I love the photo, very pretty (and peaceful). Many Happy Saturday Blessings to you.

  2. Good to hear from you and nice to know you will be back soon! Good for you, getting so many things accomplished!! Have a good weekend!

  3. Well, know you have enjoyed being productive and getting caught up. You'll enjoy blogging all the more knowing you are caught up. Happy Lord's Day tomorrow!

  4. You must enjoy giving things on your to-do list a kick. I need a to-do list. I'm still in the attic putting away Christmas.