Friday, January 15, 2016

Homily from a Homemaker

"We are what we eat" is one of my life mottos. What we take into our body in the name of food has a huge outcome in our health. This is not a new nor foreign concept.

When I was a little girl, some people were not happy with my father, so one evening while we were in church, they maliciously put sugar into the gas tank of our car.  As we were driving home, the car didn't run well and repairs had to be made. Even cars do poorly with too much sugar! 

Younger people are a little more successful at not succumbing to the results of a poor diet, but as we age, and the effects of a lifetime of poor eating build up, the body is less forgiving of such irresponsibility.

All of this is true with our spirit as well. What we allow into our mind inevitably comes out in our speech, attitudes, and behavior. We may think we are hiding it, or maybe we even think coarse talk is cute or will win us favor; but it is just a law of nature that what goes in will come out in some form and often give us away without our realizing it.

To be safe and spiritually healthy, we need to eschew what is questionable and embrace what is wholesome and godly. This is a lesson we all need to remember, no matter what our age.

"Father, in a world filled with heartaches and sorrow
I have found Your love feeds my soul."


  1. Someone put sugar in my father's car once, too. It is an unpleasant memory. I doubt honey would have been much of an improvement, though The Word says that Jesus ate broiled fish and honeycomb.

  2. Someone put sugar in our car once...and it was not pleasant. Great post.....have a beautiful weekend, friend.

  3. Great illustration! I was raised by parents that were lived by the motto, "eat to live, don't live to eat." It's stuck with me all these years. Happy weekend!

  4. I'm glad I never had to experience sugar in the gas tank of any car I'm aware of. My goodness, how awful! Your post really hit home, with Joe in the hospital for heart problems. We need to make some changes in our diets.

  5. It is so true that our diet has great impact on our health. I try to eat more fish and vegetables these days and just an occasional treat.

    Jesus was always teaching us by example -- love, tolerance and forgiveness. I sadly feel those qualities are not valued in the modern world.