Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Art in Fun Places Hodgepodge

Art at the car wash with colorful soap

This is that time of year when there is a lack of vibrant color in nature. Either there is a white blanket of snow everywhere, or dirty snow if it's been too long since the last storm, or most of the landscape is brown punctuated with evergreen trees.

Joyce has provided the Hodgepodge questions and one of them in particular is a refreshing splash of color...

1. Share one thing that really makes your day. 

I have to be honest, even though it reveals my vanity. A good hair day tends to launch me into a pretty good frame of mind.

2. Lots of these kinds of lists out there, but one found here says the fifteen most colorful places on earth are: 

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy
Burn, Italy
Havana, Cuba
Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Balat, Istanbul, Turkey
Menton, France
Jodhpur, India
La Baca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Guanajuato, Mexico
Captetown, South Africa
Valparaiso, Chile
Wroclaw, Poland
San Francisco, California
Pelourhino, Salvador, Brazil

collage of colorful places by blog author; photos from

Again, to be honest, I am not eager to travel anywhere outside of North America these days, so to answer the question, I'll opt for San Francisco. But my hunger for beautiful colors was appeased by visiting the link above, which is where I found the photos for my collage.

3. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." (Jack Canfield) In general, would you agree or disagree with that statement. Why?

In general, yes, I agree with this statement.

4. Imagine you are stranded on a desert island and dessert appears... what do you hope it is? Do you ever struggle to remember which spelling is desert and which is dessert?

First I just have to ask, WHERE does Joyce get these questions?  What a vivid imagination she has! 

But back to eating dessert on a desert island: Assuming the island is hot and dry, I would want a Freddy's Mini Turtle Sundae. And since we're just dreaming here anyway, I'd not be gluten- and lactose-intolerant in this fantasy! This has been my go-to dessert when I throw caution to the wind (along with a chewable Lactaid tablet with the first delicious bite).

5. What song almost always makes you cry?

The hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness.

6. January is National Soup Month. Everything from soup to nuts, in the soup, thick as pea soup, souped up ... which saying most recently applies to your life in some way? Explain.

I guess my answer is "in the soup." We are making some changes here after long consideration and now the news is out. We are now "in the soup."  Or another way of putting it, we are committed to the change. 

7.  Write a two word note to your younger self. What does it say?

Beware impulsiveness.

8. As I type this, it is Tuesday night and the "State of the Union Address" will be on TV soon. Beloved and I have chosen to not watch it. The state is not good, but the speech will say otherwise.

No, I won't watch tonight's speech but YES, I will vote in the next election!
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  1. Good Morning--you didn't miss anything last night, friend (Shaking my head and rolling my eyes). Changes? What kind of changes? (and aren't just a nosy rosy, grinning)

    I enjoyed your answers...have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Listening to some commentary on last night's speech lets me know that I made the right choice, like you. Yes, we all want to know what you folks are up to!

  3. I can't stand to watch the State of the Union speeches but like you will vote as I know that is my responsibility as a citizen and also a privilege. I think if I saw your photo collage first it would have been easier to answer that question. I didn't take my food intolerances into account when answering the dessert question either :)

  4. I enjoyed your answers. I laughed at the good hair day, cuz I suspect that truly most of us feel that way. That's why I have short hair, less chance for things to go wrong. Lol Great is Thy Faithfulness is one of my favorites! Have a great Wednesday.

  5. I completely agree with you on the good hair day. I've started booking a wash and blow dry with my salon when I have a weekend away. When they do my hair it lasts for several days, and makes me so happy : ) I will be voting too. We didn't watch. I cannot handle all the false rhetoric.

  6. Good morning! Now that you said it I realize it's true for me too...a good hair day is always a good start to the day, lol And like many it sounds, we didn't watch either. I've no stomach for it anymore. 'But yes, we too will be voting. Enjoy your day!

  7. So many of us connected here are like-minded!! I so enjoy Hodgepodge Wednesdays and reading my friends' answers to Joyce's questions! I did not watch last night either. Can't stand to see him or hear him anymore.

  8. Great collage! And, can't wait to hear what change is coming down the pike. :o)) Didn't watch the SOTU either.

  9. You know...I'm not interested in traveling outside of the US right now either. We have so much to see and do and experience right HERE!

  10. I enjoyed your answers, and I agree, Joyce has a great imagination!