Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review of Christmas Eve 2015

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The joy of the season continues in our hearts although admittedly, this has been a hard Christmas for some with harsh weather and untimely illnesses. 

A stomach bug hit my sister's family during the Christmas Eve service at church and then mercilessly struck down everyone in the house that night while they awaited Santa's visit! They had to delay the festivities of Christmas Day by 24 hours when complexions gradually turned from green to a healthy hue.

Thankfully, our habit of staying home for Christmas paid off for us as we live some 900 miles apart! We were spared those things and had a quiet but delightful holiday. Here are some of our highlights:

breakfast bar set up for Christmas Eve buffet dinner
For Christmas Eve our son and his wife come to our home to attend church with us and then back to the house for a beef brisket dinner. 

I prefer to serve buffet-style so people can get up easily and help themselves to seconds.

place setting for Christmas Eve dinner

I love getting to pull out my Walmart Christmas dishes. We bought them about four years ago and use them all during the month of December. The poinsettia pattern is so pretty and cheerful.

the plates need to be a little bigger!

The menu was beef brisket with a yummy barbecue sauce, kernel corn, a boxed potatoes au gratin dish, a mixed greens salad with orange segments, toasted pecans, and a vinaigrette dressing, cranberry chutney, and dinner rolls with butter.

Christmas Eve dinner
It was a cozy dinner on a cold winter's night -- one of the highlights we enjoy every year with some of our kids.
Beloved plays with his toy

After dinner we put away the leftovers, piled into the car to go look at Christmas lights in the historic district of our small town, and then came back home. Beloved pulled out the toy I gave him for his birthday last month -- a selfie stick with a remote control. 

In my opinion, no holiday gathering is complete without the pictures!

Dessert with coffee

Our dessert was Pecan Pie topped with Cool Whip and a vegan cashew "cheesecake" topped with cherry pie filling.

Dining Table Centerpiece

The centerpiece for our table was simple: three electric candles surrounded by an artificial evergreen garland, Christmas tree balls, and knitted stockings (from Crate and Barrel a few years ago).

Jingle Bells in a Mason Jar
Our Christmas was quiet but we like it that way. We spoke on the phone, texted, and emailed family members -- and prayed for those who were too ill to enjoy the day!


  1. Awww....so sorry to read that about your family being ill....

    I had to smile when I saw your hubby and his birthday gift. He looks so happy to being using the selfie stick, smiles. My husband wouldn't even know how or what it is---he can't even turn the computer on. (grinning and giggles)

    Thanks for the smiles Barbara....many Happy New Year Blessings to you.

  2. Our grands were ill the week before Christmas...never any fun, but especially disappointing when it hits all at once and on Christmas Eve!

    Your family events look cozy and delightful. Nothing wrong with "All is calm; all is bright" in my book! Our Christmases were small then expanded and expanded and now they've returned to small again.

  3. Dashing through, catching up on blogs I missed while we were away! Loved seeing your photos and hearing about your Christmas. I LOVE the Walmart china! It looks quite rich!! :)

  4. Your Christmas looks very calm and lovely. I like your Christmas dinner photos... so cheery and festive! Happy New Year!