Thursday, December 3, 2015

Not Much Time to Blog!

This will be short and sweet. I've got no time to blog today! Our Ladies' Christmas Event is Friday night, so today several of us met at the church to iron the table cloths.

Then we went to the hospital (of all places!!) to have lunch.  This mysterious entree is the chef's Loaded Portobello (gluten free!!) with spinach, caramelized onion, bresaola, roasted tomato and 2 portobello mushrooms for the "bun." WOWOWOW! What a wonderful taste sensation for my mouth! And yes, this, from a hospital cafeteria.
Times are hard right now for so many, and for a lot of different reasons. The Christmas season can be a very tender time emotionally for  some people, and the current events in our country (and our world) don't help. 

But I'm keeping my eyes on the joy and hope of Christmas. Jesus is our solution to everything, simplistic as that sounds, and yet completely true.


  1. Oh wow, that dish looks so good...I have had a Portobello mushroom sandwich before and I loved it. Yes, friend, so many are having a hard time, money, emotional and so on...I am also trying to remember the word JOY...Have a beautiful church outing. (and I am hoping you will take pictures and share.) Blessings

  2. Don't you love the events of the season? Even with the rush and chore of getting things done, the fellowship and festiveness of the time is worth it.
    Mama Bear

  3. I LOVE mushrooms and would have enjoyed that 'sandwich' too, and I don't have to do gluten free. You are so right. We need to keep our hearts and minds on Jesus. What a much better world we would live in if everyone believed. Good luck with your big event!

  4. Have a wonderful time this evening! I agree that every answer rests in Him.

  5. Oh, I bet you are having really great time this evening. Women gathering together is so much fun. What an interesting looking dish. Happy weekend!

  6. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful event. These things help us keep the right perspective on the Christmas season. Have a wonderful weekend.