Thursday, December 17, 2015

Making a Joyful Noise

The tree in my dining room is devoted to angels. Years ago the downtown location of the Denver Dry Goods department store had a Christmas window display that always brought tears to my eyes, due to its beauty. It was a tree full of angel ornaments with the nativity scene at the base.  Then streaming out from that were the shepherds making their way to the Christ child, and out farther from them were the Wise Men with their camels. 

Sadly, the Denver Dry Goods department store has long since closed and I think there is a cell phone store occupying part of that space now. I don't need to tell you that store window displays are not the tradition in most cities that they used to be -- and even more rare are nativity scenes that have not been upstaged by Santa and his crew. 

My angel tree began as a result of that site in Denver. This year I've placed the nativity on a chest of drawers across the room, where it can be seen more easily by those sitting at the dining table. 

Here are eight of the angels (there are many more). All of these are related to music. None of them were expensive. It does not take a lot of money to honor our Lord.


  1. Beautiful. I love your pencil tree, my son said he loves the last ornament. Many Holiday Blessings to you.

  2. Oh I think your angel tree is a beautiful one. Interesting to read the history behind it, too. A thin tree is perfect in that lovely room.

  3. What a great memory and what a beautiful tree and ornaments! I love the idea of an Angel tree!
    Your dining room is lovely.

  4. I love the angel tree and guess I should probably have a 2nd tree somewhere but just not interested in another tree right now.:o)) Maybe next year! Happy week before Christmas