Saturday, December 19, 2015

Let It Be Me -- Still

A popular song by the Everly Brothers was "our song" when Beloved and I began dating in our late teen years, so it was only natural that it was sung at our wedding.

sheet music for our wedding

It was 45 years ago on a cold night with crusty snow on the ground in Denver, just six days before Christmas. Now, these many years later, I appreciate the sacrifices people made to help us get married so close to a major family-oriented holiday. At the time my head was so high in the clouds that I was oblivious. 

My two bridesmaids and Maid of Honor with me

I guess I was strong-willed at the time, although again, I was oblivious. The colors I chose for this ceremony so close to Christmas were aqua blue and gold (the skirts were a lush deep gold velvet). I had made important decisions and spent money on those choices before my wedding coordinator came on the scene. She was dismayed that I was  not taking the more sensible route of using Christmas colors and thereby save money on decorations in the church, which was already decorated for the season. Ah, youth! (and young love!)

My sister as Maid of Honor held the Groom's wedding ring on her thumb
While we girls had fun with photos taken before the ceremony, my husband-to-be was at the gas station of his employment, washing his car in a heated garage, wanting it to be shiny clean for his bride.  When he got back to his house from that task, he was chided by his parents for cutting the schedule so tight. I was completely unaware of how close he came to showing up late for the most important day (thus far) of our lives.

The Groom sweats out his last minutes as a free man

He managed to show up on time and even got some sympathy from his college buddies (now his groomsmen) before the wedding march began.

Daddy and me
The first love of my life walked me down the aisle to the care of my husband-to-be.

The wedding ceremony

Our pastor at the time strongly urged that the ceremony be held with the wedding party facing the congregation so the parents could more easily see the faces of their children as they took their vows.

Us with our parents
This wedding was back in the days when photos of the bride and groom were taken after the ceremony. Our guests politely waited while pictures were taken.

the reception (after the cake top was removed)
Four friends from a missions organization of which I was a member served the cake, punch, candies, nuts and coffee at the reception. I see three of them on Face Book now, all these many years later. All my life I have been blessed with pretty friends!

Let him eat cake!

Back in those days, people in our economic status had a simple church wedding followed by a simple church reception. Since it was held in the Fellowship Hall of the church and we were strong Baptists, there was no hint of dancing or alcohol, but calories and caffeine were cheerfully served.

Beloved and me

Over the past 45 years we have gained and lost weight, one of us lost hair while the other is turning gray. We shared ourselves with three children and five dogs (and one suicidal gold fish), and have welcomed into the family our children's spouses and eleven grandchildren. We have lived in seven states (a couple of them more than once) and helped each other through many serious illnesses and surgeries. 

The Lord has blessed and kept us together through the "for better and for worse" aspects of marriage. We celebrate His mercies, grace, and generosity to us daily because there have been times disagreements were strong. 

We are thankful we can still sing with the Everly Brothers, "I bless the day I found you... Now and forever, let it be me." 


  1. Many, Many Happy Anniversaries, Barbara!!!! Our 27h is on the 31st of this month...where have the years gone...I was like an hour late to my own wedding...long story.

    You and your bridesmaids were so pretty and I love the dresses...Again, Many Happy Anniversaries....Holiday Blessings to you.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!! I love you more today than ever!

  3. Happy 45th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!

    Thanks for sharing the story & photos :)

    We love you!
    - Tom Jr. & Nikki

  4. Happy anniversary!! I loved going back to your special day with you! Thanks for sharing the photos and stories. May you continue to be blessed, year after year!

  5. A lovely post... thank you for sharing your love story. Happy anniversary!!

  6. Precious memories! I see lots about weddings here of late. Happy Anniversary to all!