Sunday, December 20, 2015

Great Expectations

Stockings for Beloved, me, daughter-in-law and our son
"Our stockings are now hung in the hallway with great care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be here" (well, in time for Christmas, anyway!).  We hang our stockings in the hallway because they get too hot hanging in front of our gas fireplace. Nobody wants to find a melted chocolate Santa in their stocking!

fireplace aglow with the elf residence on the left

Oh by the way, I keep forgetting to show you how the elves have decorated their door for the Christmas season. I have not come across a tiny wreath for their door but did spy this cute little snow-flocked Christmas tree that is the perfect size.

Sometimes their door is to the right of the fireplace, but I thought the tree looked best to the left of the door and so the whole scene got shifted to the left of the fireplace (details, details).

laying out the pieces in the proper order

Back to the subject of the stockings -- I spent no small amount of time figuring out the correct order in which to layer all the pieces before sewing the stocking together and to have it come out right. My first attempt resulted in the toe facing off to the left, which was not what I wanted. 

When it finally all came together for me, I took a few snapshots with my phone to serve as photographic notes for future reference! I guess you could say I am a 'visual learner.'

Anyway, we have a lot of stockings around here. When my children were in elementary school, I cross stitched our names on our matching stockings and it all looked so perfect. 

my stocking since ~ 1985
When the kids got married, I gave them their stockings except that Son #2 and his wife come here every year for Christmas, so he just asked me to keep his stocking for him. I have done that, but when I hang his stocking, Beloved's, and mine, then the stocking for my daughter-in-law doesn't match, and that's not right. I want her to know she is one of us! So this year I decided to make new stockings for everybody.

I will be adding names to the cuffs of the stockings before Christmas Eve so Santa will know which is whose! 

In years past we have accumulated other stockings, both from my sewing room and purchased. They are a fun way to decorate.

Our old stockings decorate the master bedroom
Stockings on the shutters in my study;
the one on the left is made with an Eleanor Burns pattern by Quilt-in-a-Day;
the one on the right was purchased (probably from Joann's Fabrics and Crafts)

purchased stocking in the guest room

And would you believe, there's even a stocking in the kitchen pantry!

pantry stocking - created in my sewing room 

With all these stockings hung about the house and Christmas just days away, it looks like we have "great expectations" that each one will be filled. However, all but the 4 on the hallway hooks are just for decoration.


  1. {{{squealing}} with delight over your pantry. Beautiful. Many Holiday Blessings to you---I always enjoy your posts, Barbara...I love the elves door....

  2. What fun you must have had decorating with all those great stockings!! I love the new ones you made and think your daughter-in-law will love what you did for her. The elves' door is such a cute idea! Counting down the days now!!