Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Meme Questions

the big tree (artificial) in my town's city park

Responding to a nosy Christmas questionnaire by  Cindy.

1: Do you prefer an Artificial or a Live Christmas tree?
We have probably had only 1 live tree in our 45 years of marriage. I much prefer an artificial tree so I don’t have to be quite as concerned about it going up in flame or dropping needles all over the carpet.

2: Do you prefer colored lights or clear lights on your tree?
I prefer colored lights on the tree and white lights on the outside of the house.

3: Would you say that your Christmas dinner is traditional or different?
My Christmas dinner is traditional with ham and the usual things that go with it. Pecan pie for Beloved and something with cranberries for me. Don’t forget either one!

4: When do you begin Christmas shopping?
Usually in November, but if I’m sewing gifts, I try to be done before Thanksgiving.

5: What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch?
The Nativity Story. I just love it when one of the Wise Men says, “If I’m right, and I usually am…”  I always  laugh when he says that. (and sometimes I quote that line to Beloved when we are having a ‘discussion.’)

6: Are you a Hallmark Christmas Movie fan?
Yes,  but I turn off the ones about Santa needing to find a wife. I enjoy Hallmark most of the time throughout the year, but they can really wear out a story line with repetitive plots.

7: Do you travel during Christmas or stay home?
We do not like to travel for Christmas.  We have snow and cold here, which is great for sitting by the fire, but we don’t like to travel long distances in it.

8: Who is the easiest person to buy for in your family?
My blonde daughter-in-law. She loves a certain kind of dish towel and told me years ago that she will always appreciate new ones for gifts. Sometimes I use the new dish towel as the wrapping for her gifts.

However, for our kids who live far away, we save on the cost of postage(!!!) and mostly send money. This same daughter-in-law always says it’s the right size and color. She’s right!

9: Do you like to wrap your gifts or prefer gift bags if possible?
I like to do both. I keep the gift bags on hand for Beloved but this year he has surprised me by wrapping all of his gifts. And he’s good at it!

10: What is the one stress you feel you have at Christmas?
Keeping the gift-giving straight — it makes me just a little crazy, hence the decision to send $$ much of the time.

Bonus Question: What is one of your favorite Christmas memories with your children?

Watching them open their gifts was always special for me. I do have a memory regarding that which was not so good. There was one year when they snuck down to the tree before us and they saw their unwrapped Santa gifts around the tree.  Then later when we all got up, their faces of surprise were not the same.

I felt cheated at the time but later realized this is just the way it is with kids and I was thankful they felt they had reason for such happy anticipation.


  1. What a lovely tree...thank you for sharing...and many Holiday Blessings to you and your I got a chuckle out of the unwrapped presents...smiles

  2. Well, one year I had been sneaky and knew what all of my Christmas presents were. Christmas morning, I was disappointed to not feel surprised. I never went snooping again. Lesson learned. This is a fun Meme!!

  3. These questions are fun. I enjoyed reading your responses and mine would be similar. (Wait a minute! I knew this sounded familiar. In that case, my responses ARE similar.)