Sunday, December 6, 2015

Changing the Header

my alter ego, Grammy Bear
Not to worry! You have reached Journal Reflections at The Brown Bungalow even though the header has changed. I spent an entire football game (we won!) designing and previewing new headers. If you checked the blog during that time, you may have seen several different headers with every visit. But as you can see I opted to go with a very simple design because I don't want the header to compete with blog post photos. 

Thanks for reading my blog! 


  1. I thought something was going on...smiles...and I love Grammy Bear---she is just plum adorable. Have a beautiful Monday, friend. Blessings

    (ps are your Christmas people enjoying being out now? smiles)

  2. I spent some time getting one done for Christmas and am finally happy with it. It is not an easy task. Grammy Bear is quite the lady!

  3. Simply fine! I did wonder for a minute if I was really here. 😊