Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

Today's post is authored by a member of my whimsical staff and is labeled as "Whimsey" in the list of Categories in the column on the far right of your computer screen.

me with the box collection

It's the day after Christmas and I was instructed  to head up an effort by the staff here at Grammys Place Bed and Breakfast to collect all the boxes left over from yesterday. I was to sort out the keepers from the throw-aways and take all the good ones to the basement where we store them for future use. 

With my stellar diplomatic leadership skills, I was able to sound bossy enough to get the job done without too much wringing of the hands by those under my charge.  After that task was crossed off my "To Do List," I posed for a photo and was ready to apply myself to something much more intriguing. 

However, when Grammy Bear called us all into the dining room for a staff meeting, I glumly realized my personal freedom would have to be delayed for an undetermined amount of time. 

Granddad Bear presents Spud with a gift
After we were all settled into our chairs, Grammy Bear proceeded to tell us the day after Christmas is traditionally known as "Boxing Day." I relaxed in my chair with a small sigh of satisfaction, knowing I had already fulfilled that requirement with getting all the cardboard into the basement.

sincere surprise on the face of Spud
As Grammy Bear continued with her speech, we learned that Boxing Day is a holiday when servants and tradespeople receive gifts known as a "Christmas box" from their employers as a gesture of gratitude for their service over the past year.

She then invited Spud, the B and B handyman, to step up beside her while Grandad Bear hefted a box nearly the size of the helpful potato man. A bountiful amount of chocolate fudge was presented to Spud as their gift of appreciation.

Grammy Bear and Mrs Berniece Mertz

The next presentation was an envelope of tickets for Mrs Berniece Mertz to take a well-deserved trip to the tropics and a gift certificate for a hair stylist to loosen that tight bun atop her head.

The gifts after that were also very fun.  Lily and I were given gift cards for manicures and eyebrow plucking at a spa in Whistlestop and free lunch at that cute cafe owned by The Cook on Fifth Street.

With all the staff having been recognized, I was ready to get up and leave to do my own thing in the remaining time before lunch duties began, but it turned out there was one more aspect to "Boxing Day" that I needed to learn.

Marlys and Rowdy brainstorm how to begin their notes

Another expectation of the day after Christmas is "National Thank You Note Day." Speaking to us more like a mother than an employer, Grammy Bear explained that we all need to waste no time in writing thank you notes to those who have given us Christmas gifts. 

Ever the practical, Lily typed and printed her notes without the use of a pencil
People have thought enough of us to consider what kind of a gift we might like. They shopped or made it by hand, wrapped and either delivered it by hand or spent time in the long lines at the post office to get the package to us. 

If we are able to show gratitude with a hearty eye-to-eye verbal thanks or a sincere phone call of thanks, so be it. But if those options are not done, a written note is most certainly in order. She added that in today's culture, an email note or a text is also entirely acceptable.

Doing the right thing

Grammy Bear was right. I need to show my appreciation for what others have done for me. I will play with my paper dolls later. For now, I will exercise my best penmanship and write my thank you notes. 


  1. Gratitude goes both ways - from receiver to giver and giver to receiver in this post.

    I'm grateful today for my earthly gifts - Grammy Bear is my best gift this and every year.

    Jesus is the best spiritual gift of all time from the Father above!

  2. Barbara, I wish you could see my smile. Many Happy New Year Blessings to you.

  3. Such a cute post!! I smiled all the way through and even laughed outloud at the Boxing Day humor!! Very entertaining!

  4. I love the lesson, Miss Manners. Etiquette is very important!