Monday, December 21, 2015

Another Happy Celebraton

On a frozen winter's afternoon nineteen years ago today, we dressed in our best and made our way to the church. Our eldest son and his bride joined their lives together before God and a body of witnesses. It was a beautiful, traditional ceremony within the warmth of their church, in spite of December's biting cold outside.

I am reminded that one of the reasons God created marriage between one man and one woman was to strengthen them as they face the challenges life brings. God our Heavenly Father, the husband and the wife -- the three together make a strong bond for good in the world and for all eternity. 

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Many Happy Anniversaries to your daughter and her husband. What a beautiful gown she had...many Holiday Blessings

  2. OOps..sorry I meant to say son and daughter in law.

  3. Happy anniversary to your loved ones!! Your daughter-in-law's dress is gorgeous!!

  4. Sweet post and so glad they will be with you on Christmas. I just read your post before this one and your stockings are so cute. You are very talented! Happy Christmas week!