Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Fun Little Post to Close Out the Year

All modeling by the blog author ...

Tis the Season for Fancy Footwear

Tonight will be a time of merry-making for some as we usher out the old and bring in the new. Beloved and I are not party animals at all since we struggle to stay awake past 9:30pm.... which is not a bad thing. We tend to be alert and cheerful on New Year's morning while we eat breakfast in front of the annual Rose Parade on TV.

I had many blog topics during the Christmas season and have just about run out of days for all I wanted to feature. I am closing out 2015 with a fashion show of sorts (tongue-in-cheek).

We did not attend any formal dress-up parties this month, although we did go to a very nice Saturday afternoon choral concert at the University of Denver. But the day it was so snowy and cold that about all we saw of people's attire was their heavy coats and hats.

It has come about that my collection of Christmas socks is nearly big enough that I'll have to find larger drawer in which to store them! But before I do, here is a little fashion show!  

from Denise

a gift to myself a couple of years ago

from Sister

purchased for a party in a home where shoes are left at the door
aloe-infused socks from Sue

red from one of The Birthday Girls; green from Sister

"transitional socks" from Victoria -- for the change of
season from Christmas to January!

That's it! 

Oh wait, are you disappointed? Were you expecting to see cute party pumps or pointy high heels? Not here. Snow boots were the requirement this past month and cute shoes were not warm enough. The sparkle I wore was around my face with earrings, scarves, and Fancy Nancy shiny lip gloss (by Mary Kay).  Today it's all about the footwear!


  1. {{{squealing with delight}}} I thought I was the only one who wore such socks, giggling. It looks like we will be bringing out the snow boots here as well. I just love this post, Barbara. Many Happy New Year Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Love the socks! I have no Christmas socks, though I do have some cute cozy socks so thick that I can't wear them except as slippers. I enjoyed seeing the variety. We don't make it past 9 or so either. Ha! Yup, we're a couple of duds.

  3. How cute! I use to have some Cmas socks but think I got rid of them when we moved. No one can ever see them when I wear them anyway but guess I should try to get a couple of pair at the after Cmas sales. Happy 2016!

  4. What a fun post! I also have a collection of Christmas socks. I guess they came from working in a school for so many years. They are fun and I have a few for other holidays as well. No fancy shoes for me either!