Monday, November 23, 2015

The Guests Begin to Arrive

Thanksgiving week is here and our guests began arriving this past weekend. They all came up from the basement and stood in the hallway, awaiting their room assignments.

The oldest set, made of felt, was sent to the Master bedroom to stand on either side of a framed picture of Beloved and me with our Cocker Spaniel, Pal (RIP). Beloved bought this set for me about 30 years ago when he was on a business trip to New Jersey.

The newest set of Pilgrims were directed to stand atop a speaker in the great room. They were trying to decide if the box is a woofer or a tweeter when they nearly vibrated onto the floor with the sounds from a loud action movie. I will be giving them a new assignment!

The tall and slender pilgrims took their places on the fireplace mantel, flanking a photo of some of my very favorite people in all the world. 

The last pair of pilgrims was sent to stand on the dining room table.

Beloved refers to them as "the Blockheads" because their features are hard and expressionless. However, take it from me, they are overjoyed to have been set free from the box in the basement where they spend 11 months of the year.

Hanging from the chandelier above the Blockheads are four copper-colored Christmas balls that I use only in November -- as a preview of what's to come in December. 

We had one more guest show up yesterday, but he will be spending the holidays (and the rest of the winter!) out on the deck...

Like Beloved, our newest guest has a college degree in statistics. He will be recording our winter snowfall. We are told to expect 1-3 inches of snow on Thanksgiving Day, so we'll see if this fella can handle it.


  1. You my friend, have made me smile. Have a beautiful Monday and a Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings

  2. How cute and I love how you made decorating for Thanksgiving into a story for us! Your copper colored ornaments look great above the table and that is a wonderful idea! Keep us posted on how well your newest addition predicts the snow!