Friday, November 6, 2015

Speaking of Being Thankful...

It's been almost exactly a year (November 3rd) since I last wrote a blog post for the Joy Dare Collection. Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts, urges us to be thankful, looking on the bright side of life, by providing a calendar of things for which to be grateful. She suggests 3 things for every every day of the year.  

Her prompt for today, November 6, is "3 Gifts Government." 

My first thought was "Ugh!" because I am not happy with a lot of things in our government right now.

But I wanted to get past the complaining mode (that is the purpose of this exercise, after all) and so I gave the matter more thought.

As American citizens we have a lot of freedoms and privileges that should not be taken for granted for one single minute! I carry evidence of some of them in my wallet.

my driver's license
my Medicare card
my senior pass to all national parks

It is a blessing to have these freedoms and I thank the Lord for the ability to enjoy them. We don't have to look far to see others who cannot get into a car and drive virtually wherever they want.

And as confusing as Medicare is, it does do us a huge service when needed.

As for my senior pass to all national parks, I look forward to using this freedom more after my husband retires! 

Will you leave a comment at the end of this blog post to  tell me  "3 Gifts Government" for which you are thankful? 

If  you don't have a Google account,  you can comment anonymously. If you do that, you can still include your name in the body of your comments, if you want.  (first names only, please, or a fun pseudonym!) 


  1. goes...

    Student Loans for school(giggling)
    Social Security
    Federal Grants for school(as long as I maintain a certain GPA)

    I know, pretty silly...but I am like you...I am not very happy with the government...HOWEVER, I am happy to have freedom in this country, unlike so many mid eastern countries who do not allow women rights. Another topic for another day, smiles.

    Have a Beautiful day, friend.

  2. Yes, that is a challenge, isn't it?! I'll have to ponder this one.

  3. A strong and committed military
    Essential services
    Social Security

  4. Definitely a challenge for me too, since I haven't been happy with the current administration since he took the oath (that he breaks every day). BUT, I AM happy with our state government and our Republican Governor. Like you, I appreciate my (Florida) driver's license. I think our city government is the best in the land, and am so appreciative of our beautiful Lakeland and that the city and country governments support the arts. Being thankful each day is a great exercise!

  5. Yes, I'll have to ponder this one too. Happy weekend!

  6. I am a student of history and I know our country has met many, many challenges in its 239 years, Barbara. I'm sure that it will persevere.

    Right now I am thankful for the military who keeps us safe, social security which helps me pay some bills without depleting my savings, and our National Parks which I enjoy so very much!