Monday, November 30, 2015

Just in Case You Ever Need to Know ...

We actually invited a monster into our home a couple of days ago. But not to worry... he was friendly. We just had to feed him a lot of $$ and all was well. 

When we had a company service our furnace recently, we learned that during the construction of our house (nearly 3 years ago) all manner of dry wall scraps, nails, screws, tape, scraps of lumber and trim, etc had been allowed to fall into our floor vents. Apparently this is considered normal and the new homeowner is supposed to have the vents and heating ducts cleaned out shortly after occupying the house.

We have been married nearly 45 years and over that time we have bought 9 houses (sold 8) and of those 9 houses, 6 of them were new construction; but this is the first time we had heard of all the junk that gets dropped into the ducts during construction.

Taking the advice of our furnace man, who had nothing to gain by this, we called Monster Vac and made an appointment.  Now we have clean ducts and vents and should not have to do this again for 5 or so years (probably longer since we no longer have pets and keep a clean house).  My sister tells me there is a fiberglass material we could buy to put over the vent openings, just under the metal vent plate. I plan to look into that. (ya live an' learn!)

Here are some of the snapshots I took while the Monster was in our home:

We live on a corner. They pulled their very large truck around to the side street to make it easier to extend a big hose from the truck, over our fence, and into a basement window. (You can see the snow we got this week with multiple storms)

The big black hose stretched over the fence and into a basement window.

This is that same window, and yes, it was very cold having it open for about 3 hours while this process took place. The outside temperature was trying to get out of the teens and to the 20s.

Beloved hugs the hose to demonstrate yet again how big it is. This is the vehicle that removes the debris from the heating ducts of the house. I just wish we could have see all of that debris but it goes into the truck and we never got to see it.

Something else that's scary -- these are the pieces of metal that had to be cut out of the duct work so the big black hose, and other tools, could be attached to do the work of suctioning out the debris. When the job was all done, the serviceman patched up the holes thoroughly and attached an official sticker to the patches with the name of the company and the date.  It was all done very well.

This picture was taken in my study. They removed the vent cover and inserted a bristle brush-type thing way down into the hole. Then they used a powerful electric hand tool to rotate the brush, essentially scrubbing the walls of the duct work. They did that for all 16 vents on the main floor of the house. It was not necessary to do that for the ceiling vents in the basement since debris cannot fall into them.

The adventure left us feeling somewhat like the sensation after a routine dental cleaning: all fresh and new. 

This hasn't been a "glam" subject and it certainly isn't whimsical, but if you have ever wondered how this procedure works, now you have a better idea!


  1. OHHH What a scary monster (giggling and smiles). Thanks for the smiles...Blessings

  2. Wow!! I've never heard of Monster Vac, but it sure is a good idea!! We had a new HVAC system installed a couple of years ago, with super-duper filters. They didn't mention that the duct work or vents needed to be cleaned. Now I wonder!! Thanks for the lesson!

  3. We had that done about a decade ago. Oh deat. Probably time to do it again. Yuck. Now what if a diamond ring fell down into the vent? The truck eats it?

  4. Oh dear...I mean oh dear. LOL!

  5. I've never heard of this. We've had vents in the ceiling in most of our houses so I guess that wouldn't be a problem. I think that they could cover them up during construction. They do seem to make a big mess though. I do know they recommend we clean our ducts periodically
    It does look cold there.
    Mama Bear

  6. I have never, ever heard of such! I'm thinking that was uncalled for by the construction crew for sure. Glad you have this procedure behind you. We had the duct work cleaned once in our old house so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. Happy first week of Dec!