Monday, November 2, 2015

GORGEOUS Mesh Wreath

Denise asked me to remind her how to make these mesh door wreaths. I am re-running a blog post that I wrote over a year ago. Maybe some of you will want to make one. They are easy and very impressive. Thanks go to my former neighbor for teaching me how to do this.

Sheila's door wreath
Next-door Sheila is one of those talented gals who can do just about anything with a cheerful, positive spirt while facing challenges that might shut others down. She is an excellent example of one who uses creativity and beauty to bring calm and balance to life.

One of her more showy achievements is the making of door wreaths with mesh "ribbon." I asked her this past weekend if she would teach me how to do it. She quickly granted my wish with an invitation to spend time in her craft room.

30-inch diameter (Extra Large) green metal wreath form
First you need a wire wreath form, such as this one. I bought the extra large size, which is compared to the size of my purse. 

Note: we have 8-foot tall doors in our neighborhood, so this extra-large size of wreath looks good, proportionally. You may want to opt for a more traditional size of frame, depending on your door size, or wherever else you want to display your wreath.

Indoor/outdoor mesh 
The mesh comes in rolls like this at all the hobby and craft stores. These packages are 10 yards long and 21 inches wide. You can find it in differing sizes. 

close-up of mesh label
I used all of one roll and maybe 25 inches of the second roll. The more of these that a person makes, the better you can get at estimating how much mesh to buy for the selected size of wreath.

Also, be sure to shop the sales and use coupons (both printed and on your iPhone apps) to make this project more affordable.

22-gauge wire
22-gauge floral wire is needed. I used only a small portion of this package to make one wreath.

autumn-themed pre-made bow
That's all you need. The rest is embellishment. I bought this pre-made bow at Michaels because I like the design and colors for my autumn-themed wreath.

additional embellishment for the wreath
And this is going on my wreath as well.  

Here is how to make a wreath.  (I made one in about 90 minutes while watching a movie on TV in my jammies.)

Cut the 22-gauge wire to 6-8 inches in length. Note that the wreath frame is divided into sections.

Wrap the wire around the end of the mesh, to attach it to the wreath frame.

Secure the end of the mesh to the frame; don't worry about the fringy end of the mesh. You can tuck that out of sight later.

Make a loop of the mesh any size you want and secure it with another length of the wire to the frame. Plan to make all of your loops the same size. 

I said earlier that the wreath frame is divided into sections. Create 3 loops per section, and then move to the next section. This mesh is really neat stuff. You can fluff and arrange it to make it look just as you want.

Keep going, working your way around the wreath. 

Although the process is a little tedious on the fingers, the results are  very satisfying, so keep at it. Doing this while watching a movie, listening to good music, or while in conversation with a friend helps the time to go by faster.

Here is my completed wreath! I have lost count how many times Beloved has told me how much he likes this!  I like it, too.  

Here are some good design ideas for more wreaths, again from Next-door Sheila. She made this green wreath for a friend who has a beautiful red door. Won't this just pop! for the Christmas holidays?!

Christmas wreath by Sheila

And one more from Sheila. She does beautiful work, don't you think?
Another Christmas wreath by my industrious friend


  1. LOVE these! Thanks for the tutorial! Yours came out soo nice. Enjoy your day!

  2. That mesh is something else. So, so many crafty items you can make with it. Good job! Happy week!

  3. Wow! Each and every wreath is gorgrous! I see a trip to the craft store in my future ;)