Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Completely True Story

a snowy sunrise on November 17, 2015

We are sitting here with sixteen inches of snow piled high all around us. I am reminded of what we were doing nine years ago today -- it wasn't shoveling snow!

We were in a tropical place watching Surfer Girl and Surfer Boy get married. Beloved walked our daughter down the aisle in an outdoor garden where family and friends gathered to show their loving support. 

Everyone came appropriately dressed in their wedding clothes on that balmy afternoon, having left their usual costumes at home. You see, this wedding had royalty in attendance, along with a mermaid, some swash-buckling men, and even rodents. The Hunchback of Notre Dame sat humbly on the back row but Roger Rabbit and the Chipmunks preferred closer seating. Snow White and Cinderella were looking their very best while Sleeping Beauty tried to not doze during the ceremony. As you can tell from my descriptions of the guest list, this was no ordinary wedding. I need to give you some background.

You see, our daughter grew up in suburbia like an ordinary kid but at about the age of twelve, she set her goal for something quite special. She took ballet, jazz and tap classes all through her middle and high school years (when she wasn't cheerleading), and then danced her way through two years at the university before announcing to us the time had come for a serious change of venue.

Her heart's desire was to live in the Castle located far, far away from us so she could dance to pay the rent and wave from a float in electrical parades at all the guests who came to visit. It became abundantly clear to us that her heart would be irreparably broken  if we did not enable her to fulfill this dream, so we packed her up and sent her to that magical place. 

It was while performing and teaching others to do the same that she was swept off her feet by Prince Charming. They courted on surf boards during their off hours from the Castle -- which explains why on my blog I  refer to them as "Surfer Girl and "Surfer Boy."

Now, these nine years later, the marriage continues to be magical with two very cute children, a smart little Yorkiepoo, and lots of travel to some pretty exotic places. They seldom visit the Castle these days because their lives are full without it, but the interesting assortment of friends will always be dear to them. 

I conclude this true story by wishing my daughter and son-in-law a most happy anniversary and may you have many, many, many more!

Surfer Boy dances with Surfer Girl on their wedding day


  1. What a sweet post!! Happy anniversary to your surfer girl & boy!!

  2. What a fairy tale! I love it and what a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing with us.