Sunday, October 25, 2015

Worth the Parking Ticket

white Shasta Daisies, pink Hibiscus, and Marigolds and Zinnias in the wheelbarrow
It's Sunday night as I write this post. A reprise of the weekend is all that comes to mind, so here goes...

The first frost of the season was predicted on Friday, so I took some farewell photos of my flowers in the back yard. However, I'm not sure it was a real frost after all. Now our weather people say we'll get down to 32 degrees this week.  

sign that greets new arrivals as they exit the train tunnel
By far, the highlight of our weekend was getting to see Surfer Girl, Grandson #4 and Granddaughter #5 when they came into our airport en route to join up with Surfer Boy on the coast. Their trip was very long, so Surfer Girl intentionally planned for a 3-hour layover in Denver to break it up. She asked if we would drive out to see them. She didn't have to ask twice!

Grammy and Granddaughter #5
Am I happy or what?!! As for granddaughter, she's not smiling here but hey, she's not crying either! This is only the 3rd time I've seen her since she was born last winter, so she's trying to remember who I am.

Grandad and Granddaugher
She says, "And tell me again, who exactly are you?"

Grandad and Grandson #4
Now these guys go waaay back and are better acquainted with each other. Here they strike a thoughtful pose -- one of the few moments during the visit when the younger one was quiet and standing perfectly still!

Dad and daughter
Surfer Girl, who by the way, NEVER has time to surf anymore, always enjoys a playful banter back and forth with her dad.

We fed Grandson #4 some chicken nuggets, which his mom described as "the official food of growing boys across America!" 

Granddaughter #5 was content with a diaper change and a bottle. The rest of us just visited and were happy with that. We also did a lot of walking so the travelers could stretch their legs before they boarded their next flight. 

nearing the end of our visit
All too soon (of course!) the visit came to an end. We walked the trio that held our heartstrings to the security area to say our goodbyes.

As for the parking ticket (referring to the title of this blog post) -- that was just the fee we had to pay to park our car near the terminal.... worth every cent!!!


  1. How absolutely wonderful! Love the photos and those precious faces!!

  2. What a wonderfully fun visit with such darling grandchildren!

  3. Beautiful...yes, the fee was worth it...thank you...have a lovely Monday.