Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Reprise

new valance in breakfast area
The weekend began as soon as Beloved clocked out of his day job on Friday afternoon. We tackled an exercise in patience and cooperation that required 2 ladders. It's a valance over the sliding glass door.

Please excuse the photo quality (or lack of) -- the afternoon glare affected picture-taking

As I study these pictures, I see that the loops of fabric are still not perfect but for now (and maybe forever) they will remain as is. I love the look. The sliding glass door is 8 feet tall, and you see how wide it is.  That's 7 yards of 44-inch wide black-and-white homespun fabric purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby for $3-something per yard. Quite a deal. Anyway, it's done and I'm glad of that.

After dinner we snuggled together on the couch to watch another of the quality films produced by Sherwood Pictures, Courageous. A few weeks ago we saw their most recent release, War Room, we decided to start watching a marathon of their movies, starting with Facing the Giants, then Flywheel, Fireproof, and Courageous

It was fun to make note of the improvements in their film making skills with each release and to see some of the same actors in each movie. All of them tell an inspiring story with something for everyone.

Saturday morning we went our separate ways to cross items off our respective To Do Lists. Note was made of the advent of autumn at the local grocery store.

Petunias have been replaced with chrysanthemums, and those are going fast.

Squash is available in abundance...

and more.

There was also the reminder that here along Colorado's Front Range, autumn can be very short because winter often makes an early showing.

I had a print made at Walgreens of our family snapshot and framed it for the mantel. With all of my pictures stored on the computer, I seldom actually print a photograph anymore.

Add caption
There are 19 of us crammed into that wood photo frame, and that doesn't include the pets!

how to do a Blanket Stitch

Late in the day on Saturday I began a project that required the Blanket Stitch. I usually forget just how that works, so I Googled an illustration and found this one, which is perfect. It is so much easier to find answers on the Internet than to search encyclopedias, as we did when I was young.

On Sunday morning we worshiped at church but a little sinner couldn't resist pulling the fire alarm. All the parishioners had to file outside until the situation was determined to not be a fire but only naughtiness. We remember the same thing happening last Christmas Eve during the Candlelight Service!

Sunday afternoon we watched our Broncos play the Minnesota Vikings while I completed the sewing project begun the day before. (the final score was Halloween scary, but we won!)

Electric (battery-powered) luminaries are my candle of choice these days
Yes, I continue to decorate with pumpkins of all sizes and colors. 

While I'm on the subject of seasonal decor, have you seen these? Quilting Queen sent pictures on Sunday afternoon. If you've got a sewing mannequin, doll her up for Christmas!


  1. Oh what a fun post!!!! Love everything you posted, thank you for the many smiles you gave me this morning. Have a Blessed day, friend.

  2. I think your new valance looks great, and what a deal you got!! I enjoyed all the photos today and will have to look for Courageous. We loved War Room! Thanks for the tip!