Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend Handwork

Dresden Plate table/candle mat
I've had a desire to do more sewing of late, but am learning I need to carve out the time to do it and then guard that time because other things try to crowd it out. It helps to have a plan firmly in mind of what I want to do (ahead of time) and then plot out when to do that and nothing else. Saturday was my day for that. 

find this at JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts in the quilt tool supply area

This pattern cried out to me several years ago so I bought it but didn't get around to trying it out until now. It's got 2 acrylic templates to use for cutting out 16 of the "fan blades" (as I like to call them), and a circle for the center. The acrylic templates had a protective brown paper adhered to them that was very hard to remove, so I soaked them in a pie plate of water and it was much easier. (not sure why the manufacturer did that and then instructed to remove it)

sewing the 'fan blades' together

If you are strict about using the 1/4-inch seam allowance as you assemble the fan blades, it comes out perfectly. I was delighted how easy this was. California Quilter, my next-door neighbor,  suggested that I put a small iron beside my sewing machine so I can easily press every seam as I sew, which results in a much neater final project.

finished on the left; in use on the right

Of course (smile), you can't see much of my workmanship right now because I'm using it under a metal pumpkin to protect the breakfast table. (Pumpkin found at 40% off at Hobby Lobby last week) This little piece will also be perfect underneath a fat candle. It measures about 12 inches in diameter. I plan to make more for other seasons of the year.

Speaking of pumpkins ....

the front porch of The Brown Bungalow

Beloved brought home this pretty one from Walmart on Saturday. Since we live very far away from my brother-in-law's pumpkin patch, we have to buy ours.  Actually, when we visited last month, I should have taken one then. Where was my brain?

It's been a good weekend here and a busy week lies ahead of us. If you'd like to share what you did this past weekend, leave a comment!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do,
do it with thy might ...
Ecclesiastes 9:10


  1. It came out beautifully and I adore the colors and patterns you selected. I made myself a miniature ironing board using a tv tray table as seen on Pinterest. It really comes in handy and saves me a lot of hopping up and down to iron my pieces. Sweet pumpkin with a ribbon no less on your front porch.

  2. A lovely project!! You are so right about having to make time to do what we want to do, and then stick to it. Excellent reminder and look what you accomplished!

  3. Love what your hand found to do. A nice touch to your fall decor. Happy week!