Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Collage

Shasta Daisies still blooming in our garden
Our weekend photos begin with Saturday as we watered the still-blooming florals in both front and back yards. One of these days we will wakeup to ornamentals faint from the cold, but that hasn't happened yet.

a slice of apple in my kitchen
I try to take pleasure in the simple things of life and slicing this apple for a snack fit that description perfectly. There are stars in our fruit. I melted some almond butter in the microwave and then drizzled that over the apple slices (along with some banana).

We have men come to aerate the lawns at this time of year. Then Beloved fertilizes the grass and waters it in good. He's hoping the lawnmower has been used for the last time this season, but that varies from year to year. Last October the guys came to aerate on the day of our first snow!

one of our several Lilac bushes is a real show-off at this time of year
We spread "gorilla hair" mulch to prepare the flower bed for winter's cold. It's a finely-shredded bark product that is fun to work with, and the name is crazy!

hand needlework
Once the outside tasks were complete, I managed to find some time to make this wool felt ornament. Handwork is such fun because it's portable -- take it just about anywhere! 

the church bag
Sunday morning is reserved for church attendance in my family. On Saturday night I bathe and wash my hair so the next morning is not hectic. I also pack my church bag, which holds my purse and my Bible. It's so much easier to put it all in one tote because otherwise I end up juggling it all morning. Beloved uses his iPad for his Bible, and sometimes I do, too. I like to set my bag out the night before so that, again, there is less rushing around before we head out the door to church.

Dressed for church
Whereas I used to hold fast to the conviction that I needed to wear a skirt or a dress to Sunday morning church, I no longer feel that way. When I broke my shoulder and needed assistance with dressing for several months after that, I could not see Beloved helping me into my pantyhose without getting a run in the hose or an argument, or (most likely) both of us falling onto the floor in a fit of laughter.  It was much easier to wear slacks or dressy jeans. 

I am all for modest dressing and could preach a sermon about my opinions on that topic, but I have found that in many situations, wearing slacks is a lot more comfortable, more modest, and in Colorado climate, warmer.  

The majority of the time I now wear dressy jeans with a nice top to church and can dress that up (or not) with jackets, scarves, and jewelry. I think the most important point with female wardrobe in church is to not wear anything that will distract men (or women) from the purpose of worship and Bible learning.

driving to church
Our drive to church is seven miles and that takes us through the old historic part of our town and on to the opposite end, out in the country. Pikes Peak is in the far distance. Beloved will often say out loud, "Well, hello Pikes Peak!"

the worship center of my church
I purposely did not take properly lined-up and head-on shots at church because I want you to see the area just enough to get the idea without compromising the identity of other church-goers who aren't aware that I write a blog. 

the worship team instrumentalists warm up
Our worship center seats a good-sized crowd, but we still need to  have two morning services that are pretty full. 

Beloved teaches Bible study class
We attend the first worship service and then walk over to one of the classrooms for Bible study (Sunday School, as I grew up calling it). There are a team of men who teach our class.

Speaking of what to wear to church, Beloved has been liberated from his tie collection and looks snappy (I think) in his Dockers slacks, an open-collar shirt and a sport coat. Not to worry. He still has ties in his closet reserved for Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals. (I have dressy skirts for those occasions, as well)

Menu at the Castle Cafe

Lunch is at a restaurant; this time it was in historic Castle Rock. This is the place I've written about before. Drunk cowboys used to ride their horses through this place in the late 1800s when this was a saloon. Now the atmosphere is decidedly more sedate but the history is interesting. 

They have a Lemon Grass Vinaigrette on their salads that is fantastic. I have not been able to duplicate it yet in my own kitchen, so we have to go there often to satisfy my taste buds!

an adventure with Parakeet
If you read my blog last week, you may remember my friend Parakeet. She is visiting in the area for a couple of weeks, so on Sunday afternoon I left Beloved at home to watch football while my friend and I hiked up to the base of the rock for which my town is named.

That's the Rocky Mountains on the horizon and somewhere out there is my house. From this perspective we can see Interstate 25 below us and the train tracks. When the trains go by, they look small, like a model railroad set. I love that!

me and Parakeet
We asked a nice lady sitting on a park bench to snap this selfie for us. 

Parakeet and I have known each other since we were teens in youth group at church. Now we are both grandmothers signed up with Medicare! Long-time friendships are a treasure and not something to be taken for granted.

Beloved, me, Parakeet and her 2 grandchildren
At the end of our hike, we got the football fan to take us to dinner at Panera Bread and then reunited Parakeet with her cute little people.

But wait! That's not all! My weekend extended into Monday!

getting ready for a little celebration
... when I wrapped up the wool felt pear ornament (pictured earlier in this post) and tucked it into a birthday card. I had a fun appointment with yet another friend!

planning the wardrobe
Birthdays are another aspect of life that should not be taken for granted. My pink polka-dot sweater spells F-U-N to me, and the addition of a silk rose atop a small crocheted doily made me feel like a party in sandals.

me 'n the Birthday Girl
Gentle Mary and I met at yet another historic district for lunch. The location was a former gas station that was remodeled a few years ago into a fancy shmancy restaurant. The autumn weather was perfect, so we asked if we could be seated at a table on the roof!

We both ordered colossal salads and got all caught up on everything and everybody (the status of our families).

calendar on my laundry room wall - art work by Mary Engelbreit

In spite of the truth of this fun illustration (above), we opted to not have dessert with our lunch. We do want to maintain our girlish figures, after all!!

Gentle Mary beside an autumn floral display
We did the wiser thing and walked the streets of the historic district, visiting some of the shops and just in general enjoying each other's company and the beautiful day.

So. That's my weekend. I like to share my comings and goings and who I run with. The Cook on Fifth Street, like all mothers, likes to know what her kids are up to and who they hobnob with. 

Now you know what I've been up to, Mama! (wink)

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  1. Whew!!! Thanks for taking us along with you on your adventures!! What fun and the photos are just great. Feels almost like I was there with you! Hardly anyone wears dresses to church anymore. I am rarely in a dress for any occasion, actually! Pantyhose? What's that? LOL