Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Get By With a Little Help from My [Staff]

Going back to the subject of whimsey (see the end of yesterday’s post), although I don’t feature my staff from Grammys Place very much anymore, earlier this week some of them did troop out to give me a helping hand, and I was very appreciative. 


It went like this.  Parakeet,* whose home is in the land of brilliant sunshine and dust storms, contacted me several weeks ago to say she would be in town on a particular day and asked if she and some of her family members could swing by for a visit, maybe for an hour or so?

Spud, our handy man (green hat) and friend

It has been several years since we last saw each other in person.  Although we visit often on Face Book, there is just something oh, I dunno, something special about getting to see our friends in 3-D -- you know, living and breathing and laughing out loud.  So of course I said yes, we’d love to have them come by.

another one of Spud's friends

As the time grew near, however, I began to worry.  Two little people would be in the group and as strange as it sounds from a grandmother to eleven, we have hardly any toys at our house. It's like this: my grands ALL live in the land of surf and palms (nearly 2,000 miles away) and it is just easier for everybody that when we get together, usually Grandad and I do the traveling to their homes instead of them coming to us.  Therefore, we have no toys.

Bill of Bug-Be-Gone

Or so I thought.  Sometimes we take for granted that which is in our line of sight every. single. day. I had completely forgot that some of my staff from Grammys Place would like nothing better than to have some little people come to our house to play with them. You could say they were wide-eyed and eager!!

On the morning of the appointed day, Spud and his 2 tater friends lined up in the family room, and Bill  (that’s what I call him. He’s really Woody from Toy Story movie fame) sauntered in and took a seat. They were ready and waiting when the littles arrived. Oh what a grand time they all had! 

But then it was time for me to play with a big girl toy — my sewing machine. You see, Little Girl needed some mending on the sleeve of her pajamas, so Parakeet asked if I would mind just a brief bit of stitching to fix it.  You know, 

“a stitch in time saves nine”  

Of course. No problem. Please follow me to the basement sewing room. 

Little Girl and me

After asking Little Girl to help select the correct shade of thread for the sewing machine, I gave her a stool so she could watch me do my thing.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Parakeet took that opportunity to record a feature film that is sure to be a blockbuster some day (or not).  I close out this cheery little story with the movie in its entirety, all 60 seconds’ worth:

*Parakeet is the pseudonym I gave my friend years ago when I first began blogging. She always has a song in her heart. Of her repertoire, my favorite is "In the Twinkling of an Eye."

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  1. What a fun time you all must have had, and I'm sure Savanna will remember you fixing her PJs for her. Nice to have the video reminder!! Thanks for sharing!