Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Heady for Headers

My first blog was created in February 2009.  I have lost count how many blogs I've designed since then, but it's at least a dozen. Most have been with Blogspot and a few with WordPress. At times I've maintained more than one blog at a time, each devoted to a specific topic. 


Currently I write just one blog for public viewing, and that is this one, My Journal Reflections at The Brown Bungalow. The others are closed to readers right now because I'm not adding anything new to them. 


For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging is to be able to create my own headers, the banner positioned at the very top of the blog screen that has the name of the blog, perhaps some photography, and often a few words describing the blog.


Nobody has taught me how to design blog headers; I've learned by trial-and-error.  I've found that both Blogspot and WordPress pretty much leave you to your own imagination if you want anything at all that looks original or stylish. Much inspiration has come, however, from studying the designs of the blogs I read by other authors.

You can pay professionals (like my son, for example) to create headers for you. But I've really enjoyed forging the way by myself.


Today I thought it would be fun to show you a sampling of just some of the blog headers I've made over the past six years. If you have followed my many blogs, you may remember some of these designs.


Most of my headers are made with my own photography, and most of that is with my cell phone camera. Like many of my blogging friends, I carry that camera with me at all times because you never know when a 'blog-worthy' scene will appear that has to be captured immediately before the lighting or circumstances change.


Usually I place text on top or beside a photo for my headers, but sometimes a picture is just too 'busy' and the wording would get lost if positioned on the photo itself. This one, above (#6), of food, was used on one of my foodie blogs with the title below the picture.


And this picture, too (#7), was not disturbed with text on it but rather below the photo. This is from one of my WordPress blogs.


This (#8) with ten pictures incorporated into one header has been one of my favorites. But as you can see, I vary from simple to more complex designs. It seems to be the artist in me to be continually looking for the perfect way to express myself and often changing my mind!


My best tool (besides the camera and iPhoto on my laptop computer) is Printshop, a photo-editing program that my husband installed onto my MacBook Pro. Without Printshop, I'd be at the mercy of only words and untouched photos, and no graphics whatsoever.


This picture of red poppies is an example of using one of the many, many clip art pieces on Printshop.


This (#11) is an example of combining clipart with my own photography. I also alter my photos. Although this is a picture of my house, I have reversed the picture. In this picture the garage is on the left but in real life there are 3 garages on the right! Just call it 'artistic license!'


#12's header was made with a variety of fonts and black-and-white clip art.


This header (#13) was made with clip art chosen around a winter theme. The design of the five squares, one containing the name of the blog, was inspired by other bloggers' designs. 


This (#14) is a summer version of the same style.


#15 is one of the very few where I used a copyright-free photograph found on the Internet, but the font for the blog title is mine.

If you have the time and feel so inclined, please leave a comment and vote for which header design you like the best. Use the #number under each example for voting purposes. I'd be interested to know! Thanks.


  1. I could have used your help this morning as I made a mess of my design and layout...I like to experiment and sometimes it turns out well but takes time and I hate wasting time.
    Mama Bear

  2. Well, you are quite talented and creative! They are all wonderful, but if you want a vote, I'll vote for #8!!

  3. Thanks for the vote, Terri! And Mama Bear, I hope you can soon get your blog to look the way you want. It looks great to me!