Thursday, October 29, 2015

Eye Saw Something Strange

photo from Internet: Google "black eye floaters"

My day started out very pleasantly but then an alarming thing began to happen.

It was while I was sitting in my closet putting on my socks when suddenly, out of no where, very dark black cobweb-like things began to float across my right eyeball. They went from northeast to southwest, darted to the east, and generally washed all over my sight in that one eye. It lasted for several hours and was accompanied by occasional very brief flashes of light.  There was not even a hint of pain and had I not experienced something similar 4 or 5 years ago, I might have been terrified. 

photo from Internet: Google "black eye floaters"

The dark things were floaters, those clear bubble-looking things most of us have seen in our eyes on occasion since we were kids. As we get older, the vitreous fluid in our eyes tends to dry, and in the process, causes a pulling away from the retina. More of these floaters are seen than what is normal. Certain angles of light entering the eye can cause the floaters to cast a shadow, which is what makes them look dark black.

This can be quite serious, or not, but we need to let the eye doctor determine that

I had maybe ten very small, very quick flashes of bright light along with the floaters. That is one of the signs most definitely not to be ignored because the flashes of light can indicate a tearing of the retina. If not dealt with quickly, blindness can follow. 

The staff at my eye doctor's office was able to fit me into an already full schedule, an indicator on their part that this is not something to fool around with. 

photo from Internet: Google "black eye floaters"

Thankfully, after eye dilation and a close, thorough examination, my doctor determined that there was no tear in my retina. She told me to be aware of additional eye floaters, more flashes of light and the like. I am to see her again in 3 weeks, sooner if this situation looks to be worse. 

As the day wore on, the floaters and flashes of light stopped. I can see some of the floaters only vaguely as I type this post. 

This is more likely to happen as we age, if we are nearsighted, have had surgery for cataracts, or if we've had inflammation (swelling) inside the eye. As my husband likes to say, "Getting old isn't for sissies." 

I share this with my readers so they can be aware if this happens to them. While it can be a benign situation, do not hesitate to get yourself to a doctor for verification of what is really happening. Your eyesight may depend upon it.


  1. Oh, you are so right about getting old....

    I have a BIG floater in my left eye that drives me crazy. I told the eye doctor it is almost like a windshield wiper going across my eye. She also warned me about the flashing lights, because the floaters can sometimes get hung up on the retina and actually cause a bigger problem. So far, so good. I hope it dissolves and goes away eventually, but we're going on six months now. I can ignore it now, but it is still frustrating. If it's not one thing, it's another!!

  2. I appreciate your comments about your experiences with this. It helps to talk to others with similar experiences. Thanks so much!