Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcoming Autumn

front porch

Yesterday was the first official day of Autumn.

Note: I don't like to call it "fall." Signs that say "Happy Fall" are an oxymoron to me. Rarely is a fall a good thing, unless of course you're talking about falling in love. Then it's wonderful!!!

Anyway, we bid farewell to Summer. Gooooodbyeeeee! 

I love Autumn. Although Summer was great around here, I love my warmer clothes (socks, long jeans, sweaters, scarves, hoodies). I also love the colors and all the cozy things that come with this season... tea, cookies (gluten-free, of course), the red leaves on the Maple in the front yard of The Brown Bungalow, craft shows, flipping on the switch to the gas fireplace... and so much more!

Today I'm sharing with you the Autumn decorations I brought up from the basement this past weekend. I'm not at all into Halloween witches and ghouls, but pumpkins make for a cheery theme.

As for the Pilgrim People, they will be making the climb up to the main floor on November 1st, so I'll feature them some other time.

Before I forget, I need to share with you the completed cover I made for the Vitamix. (see the unfinished photo in a previous post, here)

a different colored star on each side

family room wreath

This cute Pumpkin guy hails from a quilt show in San Antonio about 11 years ago.

fireplace mantel
table topper

Coffee table

bar stools - there is a safety pin inside each of the towels to hold them in place.

This pumpkin quilt was made for our fireplace mantel but it gets very hot
if we have a fire burning, so now I put it on the back of the pew in the hall
when we get closer to Halloween, I plan to replace the floral centerpiece
with a black bowl full of Kandy Korn. I can't do that now
or the candy would never last!

dining room
This past summer the owner of these bears did not have room for them
on the moving truck to Texas, so they came to live with me! 

in the entry hall

This is about as scary as it gets around here --
unless, of course, I'm having a bad hair day!
Post Script

My little Mary Engelbreit doll stands on my desk all the time because she's cute and I like her. The pink beaded pumpkin was an impulse purchase of about a month ago because it is so pretty and goes perfectly with all the pink in my study.  It will probably stay there year around!


  1. Lovely touches of fall. I'm going to try and get some things out in the coming days. Happy weekend!

  2. Very nice touches of autumn. I'm with you on the freaky decor. No thanks. I also like seeing your handiwork with the table toppers and appliance covers, etc.